Things Keep Getting Worse For Jarrell Miller!

Jarrell Miller Adds to His Problems

Jarrell Miller
Jarrell Miller

Jarrell Miller reportedly fails a second VADA test!

On the heels of hearing top heavyweight and undefeated contender Jarrell Miller ruined a career opportunity due to failing a VADA test for a banned substance, more fuel has been poured on the open fire!

Apparently, a second VADA test has been revealed showing the Brooklyn native tested positive for HGH (Human Growth Hormone)! The first test showed positive traces of the black market drug GW1516 or Cardarine.

GW1516 is an abandoned clinical trial drug that was well received in the black market for it’s ability to increase endurance. HGH is a well known substance that helps repair and increase muscle mass, as well as, boost metabolism to help burn fat. Sources close to have stated Miller looked to have slimmed down 15 to 20 pounds during his training camp!

Miller had lambasted Anthony Joshua in the past for his belief the unified champion had been using PEDs. You can understand the irony in how the sequence of recent events have panned out.

Additionally, the heavyweight contender issued a statement telling fans “remember, do not believe everything you read and see!” He also mentioned how he had never knowingly took a banned substance throughout his career. After this news, it will be hard to believe him.

It is unknown what will be next of Miller and the hunt for a replacement on June 1 still remains. will update you on the next event to develop regarding this story.

By: EJ Williams

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