Jarrell Miller: “We Starting VADA…to Show We Are 100% Clean!”

Jarrell Miller Openly Speaks About Failed Drug Tests

Jarrell Miller
Jarrell Miller

Miller gives his side of the controversial story!

“Oh so right now we starting VADA in about a week or two, and oh we’ll be on that for about six months straight.

“You know, just getting everything aligned with the commission, with the sanctioning bodies to show that we are one hundred percent clean! That this is a onetime mistake! That this was an accident.”

~Jarrell Miller – Heavyweight Contender

In the wake of Andy “Destroyer” Ruiz Jr’s shocking defeat of former heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller (23-0-1, 20 KO’s) has broken his silence. Originally, it was Miller who got the call to face Joshua at Madison Square Garden.

Well, that was until VADA cited him for three separate drugs on three separate occasions. Needless to say, Miller was quickly invalidated for the lucrative fight. Most industry boxing experts regard Miller’s case as one of the most egregious of drug cheating in the sport.

Now that the big showdown between Joshua and Ruiz is in the books, Miller felt this was the proper time to tell his side of the story.

To do so, Miller sat down with the UK based YouTube channel IFLtv for a candid chat. In summary, Miller sought to let the world know that he is not the cheat that they think he is.

Of course, even he realizes that’s a tall order, considering his charges. However, he feels that with time, all transgressions can be forgiven.

First and foremost, Miller was very adamant that he did not purposely take the drugs found in his system. Nor were the drugs used to gain any advantage in his would-be prizefight with Joshua.

Naturally, the interview began addressing the three red-flagged findings.

Making His Case

In a much more subdued manner than normal, the Brooklyn bruiser explained how he believed the initial violation was due to consuming tainted products. This is why Miller quickly released a video via his InstaGram account insisting that he was innocent of the charge.

Admittedly, when the additional violations came to light, Miller was just as shocked as everyone else. Ultimately, Big Baby attributes the additional strikes to taking a stem cell shot to help heal an injured elbow.

Within the stem cell shot, according to Miller, were elements of growth factor and EPO. Miller openly admits that he followed bad advice in receiving the shot. Although, he maintains that he was innocent of purposely trying to gain an advantage in the fight.

“The only reason that I didn’t do any interviews up to this point was because I was trying to give respect to Andy and AJ and Matchroom and DAZN.

“Let them do their own thing. Let me step out the picture because you know I can talk up a storm!”

Whether you believe Miller or not is up to each individual boxing fan to determine. However, there is one glaring aspect of his story that remains extremely quizzical.

According to Miller, he paid VADA a total of $6,000 dollars to test the materials he was using to guarantee that everything was on the level. If this were true, two things spring to mind.

First, why didn’t VADA indicate to him that he was about to consume something illegal?

Secondly, if the violations did slip by VADA, why didn’t they give him credit for trying to do the right thing in the first place?

Moving Forward

Regardless of how others feel about the matter, Miller has accepted his fate and more or less put the matter behind him.

At this point, his focus is solely on getting his career back on track and sliding back in the ring to ply his brutal trade. Miller is no fool though, he fully understands that the boxing public is highly skeptical of him and his story.

In order to combat this untrusting attitude, Miller has arranged to voluntarily sign up for VADA with the intention of receiving six straight months of testing. Once done, the cheeseburger fanatic hopes that the boxing public will feel secure that he is free and clear of all shady, illegal substances.

Time will tell how this all plats out, but Miller certainly has one long lonely road to travel before he has any hope of regaining the credibility that he once enjoyed. At least, he is accepting his position and going about repairing his reputation in the most direct way possible.

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By: Bakari Simpson

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