WBC Mandates VADA Testing for Women’s Boxing!

VADA Mandatory Testing Has Expanded to Women's Boxing

WBC & VADA Logo, Cecilia Braekhus, Claressa Shields and Katie Taylor
From left to bottom right: WBC & VADA Logo, Cecilia Braekhus, Claressa Shields and Katie Taylor.

Women’s boxing will now be apart of VADA’s mandatory testing program!

The WBC has created mandatory VADA testing for female fighters as part of their Clean Boxing Program!

The new rule will require all champions and top 5 contenders in every weight division to participate in random testing.

Taking effect on June 1, all fighters will have 90 days to enroll in the program. Those who do not within the allotted time will be removed from the rankings!

The WBC’s past experience will serve them in being more polished when dealing with women’s boxing. Back in 2016 when the program was first implemented, there were some problems.

However, they’ve had two years to work out the kinks. For example there is the understanding that women’s boxing only has 16 weight divisions. Within those divisions, some have less than 20 fighters campaigning in them.

Also, the level of competition within the top 15 isn’t as stationary when compared to men. This explains why only the top 5 contenders are obligated to participate, while the men’s require the top 15 to register.

The rising popularity of women’s boxing has given voice to demands for more equality within the sport. Demands such as more rounds for championship bouts, more time per round, equal compensation, etc. This major step will hopefully help with some of those demands.

By: Garrisson Bland

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