Jarrell Miller: “VADA Is Actually The Middleman That Collects The Money!”

Big Baby Jerrell Miller will return in 2022

Jarrell Miller
Jarrell Miller

Big Baby Jerrell Miller will return in 2022

For many, they just knew that Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller’s (23-0, 20 KO’s) time had finally come. Last year, the high-volume heavyweight fighter had been caught with PEDs in his system for the second time. Each time, Miller was found with multiple substances in his blood stream. This is why large chunks of the boxing public were hopeful that he would be banned from the sport.

Instead, the Nevada State Athletic Commission suspended him for 24 months, with an opportunity to lessen that time. Granted that he provided six straight months of clean urine samples to the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), Big Baby could shave off six months from his suspension. So, at the very earliest, Miller could legally fight in January 2022.


Throughout his on-going ordeals, Miller has changed and tweaked his story from time to time. At some points, he has admitted guilt only to say he was clueless later on. However, his predominate message is that he is innocent and he will have his vindication.

To further these efforts, Miller recently went live on his social media to broadcast his first urine sample. While waiting to use the bathroom, Big Baby attempted to outline the particulars of the drug testing process. Yet, his brief tutorial was laced with puzzling statements.

To begin, Miller was rather perturbed that there were three branches involved with VADA’s testing process. Those divisions generally consist of, one, the people who initially collect the samples, 2, the lab technicians that test the samples, and 3, the staff who disseminate the resulting information to all relevant parties. While he never truly explained why he did not like that set-up, Big Baby clearly did not care for it. He also had a problem with the extreme cost of the service. Yet, in his defense, numerous individuals throughout the industry have griped about the cost of drug testing.

“A lot of people don’t even know that there is three people that handle, that deal with this whole urination. So when y’all see VADA, VADA never sees or touches; VADA is actually the middleman that collects the money! They don’t touch your urine samples, they don’t go to the lab, they don’t check on the lab or nothing!”

“Its three separate companies, [“Claradium”/unintelligible] comes to your house, one company that picks it up. You don’t even know where it goes or what they do with it. Then they send it off, FedEx overnight or whatever the hell, and they send it to the lab. And the lab does whatever with, or it’s a student lab, or I don’t know if it’s going to a student lab. And when they get the printout from a machine they send that to VADA and then they give you the results.”


On at least two occasions during this open mic, Miller brought up the notion of being contaminated by an outside party. This is line that both Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury used. In the past, both world champions have been caught with elements of banned substances within them. In response, Alvarez pointed to Mexican street meat as the culprit and Fury said wild boar did it for him.

Big Baby has said a bit of everything. Here in his live session though, Miller just threw out some random scenarios as to why he wanted to be so careful. Those examples however, were more than a little odd!

“For instance, back last year in December I contacted VADA and I said I been partying all summer, I been hanging out, I want to get tested and make sure that none of this stuff ever is in my system! But check this out now, the only person that can do this is Margaret Goodman [President of VADA]. The only way to do that is to pay a lump sum of money, you talking about 30 [thousand] in order for you to get tested.”

“So in order for me to make sure that I am clean, I have to pay a package of thirty thousand dollars or sixty thousand dollars just to make sure that you are clean before I get tested for the actual fight. So there is no way to get tested unless you go through the exact same company that’s testing you for the fight. There is no other company in America doing that right now.”

“…Say for instance, I had a good summer on vacation with my wife, blah, blah, blah, I had a family party, dah, dah, dah, somebody spike the punch! Who the hell knows? You spend four or five grand to get one test, okay good, my vacation’s over my test is clean, you’re good to go! When I ask to do something similar to that, no one can do that. Only one company is certified, licensed or credible lab that does that, come on man!”

Looks like until Miller gets longer paper, he is going to have to chill out on his vacations!

By: Bakari Simpson

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