Montana Love On Matchroom Deal: “I Think This Might Be Home For Me!”

Montana Love capitalizes off big win with Matchroom Boxing deal

Matchroom Boxing head Eddie Hearn poses with Cleveland boxer Montana Love
Eddie Hearn poses with Montana Love

Montana Love capitalizes off big win with Matchroom Boxing deal

When last in the squared-circle Cleveland, Ohio native Montana “Too Pretty” Love (16-0-1, 8 KO’s) took on Ivan Baranchyk. On paper, Baranchyk stood as the toughest and most accomplished fighter on Too Pretty’s professional ledger. After braving a few moments of near calamity, Love would go on to stop the Russian fighter in dramatic fashion in the seventh round of their action-packed dust-up.

Luckily for him, that bout, which was aired live from his native Cleveland, was widely viewed due to being a part of the Paul vs Woodley duel. It seems as though Love wasted little time in parlaying his victory into a greater good than it already was. Recently, Too Pretty announced a short term fight deal with Matchroom Boxing, although Love ultimately thinks he’s found his long term resting place. He delved into greater detail during an exclusive interview with IFL TV.

“Yes, we just did a big three-fight deal with Eddie Hearn, you know what I mean, with Matchroom Boxing. They are definitely like one of the best in the business, I love the way that they treat their fighters…to be honest I got faith in him, I trust him, I believe in him so I am thinking more so long term. I think [the] Too Pretty brand would definitely be here with DAZN and with Matchroom and I think this might be home for me.”


If everything goes according to Love’s plans, this is merely his grand introduction to the world at large. Obviously, there are vast oceans of people who have yet to become familiar with him. Yet, there’s no doubt there are countless folks who’ve got to be wondering, “where and why did he pick the name Too Pretty?!” Thankfully, the rising talent provided a detailed, albeit truncated reply.

“Since a kid, so I was five years old, I grew up in Garden Valley projects, we used to slap box. And you know, as kids, when they used to swing, I was like [gestures like he’s ducking] too pretty! Like they couldn’t hit me, it came from not getting hit and it just stuck with me, you know?”


Whenever a fighter signs with a promoter, there is the inherent belief that said promoter will do great things for the fighter. Perhaps they will get the big fights, the big stage and/or the big money. Whatever the motivational speech, or carrot on the stick that was promised, the fighter viewed the promoter as a road to something better. In this instance as well, Love remained rather candid on what lured him to Eddie Hearn.

“What he promised me was great development. Honestly I am not in a big rush either, so he promised me, like I said, great development. We are going to continue to develop, we are going to continue to get better, continue to grow. And you know, we are going to be prepared for when that time come.”

By: Bakari Simpson

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