Joe Noynay Shocks Satoshi Shimizu!

Satoshi Shimizu Quits in the 6th!

Joe Noynay
Joe Noynay

Joe Noynay Batters Satoshi Shimizu Into Submission!

In shocking fashion, underdog Joe “Jaw Breaker” Noynay (8-2-1, 7 KO’s) bludgeoned top Japanese prospect Satoshi Shimizu (8-1, 8 KO’s) until he quit in the sixth round! The shock comes from the way Shimizu was beaten given his amateur prestige.

He had defeated fighters like Isaac Dogboe and Magomed Abdulkhamidov in route to losing to Luke Campbell in the finals of the 2012 Olympic games. However, he fought anything unlike a amateur with this kind of prestige.

Right from the start, things appeared very foreboding for the 2012 Japanese bronze medalist, Shimizu. Jaw Breaker stunned Shimizu with a thudding jab almost as soon as the first bell rang. Shortly after, Noynay would drop Shimizu twice within the first round. By the time the hometown hero reached his stool, his eye was already beginning to swell.

Throughout the bout, the southpaw Noynay landed his jab and straight over the top left virtually at will. Shimizu displayed absolutely zero ability to adjust to Noynay’s attack. He entered the prizefight as the heavy favorite.

Although, there is very little good to say regarding his performance for the fight’s entirety. The only exception was the final thirty seconds at the conclusion of round two.

From the second round to the sixth, it was Shimizu who came forward behind a shelled-up, high guard defense. However, he was never able to establish any manner of consistent offense. On the other hand, Jaw Breaker was very effective in attacking both the head and body of his listless opponent.

At the beginning of the sixth round, Shimizu looked tired. His right eye was nearly swollen shut and his nose was badly bleeding. It was clearly evident that Shimizu was taking a thumping.

The Closing Moments

The referee oddly stopped the bout to let the doctor take a look at Shimizu. At the point that the fight was halted, it really appeared as if the referee was giving Shimizu, who was fighting in his native Japan, a breather. It didn’t help! When the action resumed, Noynay went right back to pounding on his gloomy opponent’s head and rib cage.

After eating one too many solid left-hands to the teeth, Shimizu threw up a hand, conceded the fight and literally began walking away from Noynay. Jaw Breaker took the opportunity to land a final two piece on Shimizu, who went down to a knee. Although Shimizu appeared to have sufficient command of his faculties, the ref officially stopped the fight. Joe “Jaw Breaker” Noynay walks away the new WBC super featherweight champion!

By: Bakari Simpson

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