Valdez On Navarrete Clash: “Sometimes You Got To See Who’s The Tougher Man”

Oscar Valdez Feels He May Have To Prove the Tougher Man

Oscar Valdez prepared to brawl with Emanuel Navarrete
Oscar Valdez prepared to brawl with Emanuel Navarrete | credit: Getty Images

Oscar Valdez Prepared to Scrap his Plans and Brawl Navarrete

On August 12, fans are in for a treat as two-divisional champion Oscar Valdez (31-1, 23KO) will attempt to regain his championship status against WBO junior lightweight champion Emanuel “Vaquero” Navarrete (37-1, 31KO). As anticipation builds, Valdez is well aware that despite meticulous preparation, the upcoming bout has the potential to transform into an all-out war.

A thoroughly crafted game plan serves as the backbone of a fighter’s approach. This sentiment holds true in the world of boxing. However, as the saying goes, every pugilist has a strategy until they get punched in the face.


In an exclusive interview with Boxing News, Valdez openly acknowledged his willingness to discard the game plan if necessary and embrace a more aggressive approach.

“That’s always on my mind because it’s always a possibility. Of course, we got a game plan. Of course, Vaquero Navarrete has a game plan. I’ve had game plans before . . . game plans go out the window, and sometimes you got to stay in there and duke it out and see who’s the bigger man or tougher man.

So we got a game plan, but like I said before, a lot of times that game plan goes out the window, and we got to step it up and show who wants it the most.”

Vaquero echoed a similar perspective in a prior interview. This synchronization in thought showcases their mutual understanding of the unpredictability inherent in boxing.

The world of boxing thrives on intense showdowns, captivating spectators with displays of determination and willpower. The impending clash between Valdez and Navarrete may deliver exactly that.

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