O’Shaquie Foster To Joe Cordina: “Invite Me Over There To Fight”

Foster Fine with Heading to Cordina's Backyard to Unify

O'shaquie Foster requests UK unification with Joe Cordina
O'shaquie Foster requests UK unification with Joe Cordina | credit: Instagram, Mark Robinson

O’Shaquie Foster Suggests a UK Unification Clash to Cordina

WBC junior lightweight champion O’Shaquie “Shock” Foster (20-2, 11KO), has issued a stern challenge to IBF champion Joe “The Wizard” Cordina (16-0, 9KO), expressing his desire for a unification showdown.

It’s no secret that these two champions have engaged in a war of words on social media. Foster accused the IBF champion of merely promoting talk without action and pointed fingers at his promotional team for the lack of unification discussions. Cordina, in response, attributed the lack of recognition to Foster’s notoriety.


During an interview with Boxing Social, Foster had a direct challenge when informed that Cordina reiterated the same sentiment.

“I’m not going to lie to you, it doesn’t make sense. Nobody in the US knows him, nobody in the US knows him other than when me and him were calling each other out and talking stuff. I had people coming and ask me, ‘who is this guy’, and I had to tell them he is a world champion that‘s from the UK.”

“So I don’t know what he means by: oh I don’t have a name or whatever . . . but since everybody knows him in the UK, invite me over there to fight.”

Foster emphasized being focused on his upcoming fight against the hard-hitting number one contender, Eduardo Fernandez, on October 28. If successful, the Texan will undoubtedly publicly call out “The Wizard” for a unification clash.

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