Conceicao Awarded Foster’s WBC Belt Via Robbery By Judges!

O'Shaquie Foster vs Robson Conceicao Fight Recap

Robson Conceicao takes the win over O'Shaquie Foster
O'Shaquie Foster loses to Robson Conceicao by split decision

O’Shaquie Foster Loses Title to Robson Conceicao by Split Decision

In his third title defense, WBC super featherweight champion O’Shaquie “Ice Water” Foster (22-3, 12 KO’s) was shockingly defeated by determined challenger Robson “Nino” Conceicao (19-2-1, 9 KO’s) by way of appalling split decision victory. To the growing chagrin of the audience at hand, large swathes of the duel would see Foster fight just on the edge of punching range. From that vantage point, Ice Water would throw mainly jabs and single follow-up shots before stepping back out of range and defending from incoming fire inside a tight shell.

During the first several rounds, Conceicao found little to no offensive traction as he pretty much hit only air or gloves. Perhaps being influenced by the occasional grumbling crowd, Foster became a bit more stationary in the fourth and fifth periods, which did allow Nino more opportunities to throw more shots with conviction. Although the great majority of them were still being blocked.

To Conceicao’s credit, it did not look the best that Foster allowed him to throw as much as he did during the second half of the duel. It also was likely held against him that Ice Water’s blows did not appear to carry all that much power. Yet, neither fighter was able to notably stun, hurt or buzz their opponent. Nevertheless, it was clearly Foster’s superior boxing and defense that carried the day.

This is why, when the duel went to the scorecards, Conceicao being awarded the victory stank of pure robbery or unrivaled incompetence. Nevertheless, the belt changed hands as Nino won by way of split decision to the tune of 116-112 (Foster) and 116-112 and 115-113 (Conceicao).

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