Keyshawn Davis Proves To Be Overmatched For Miguel Madueno

Keyshawn Davis vs Miguel Madueno Fight Recap

Keyshawn Davis beats Miguel Madueno by unanimous decision
Keyshawn Davis dominates Miguel Madueno on the cards

Keyshawn Davis Secures A UD Win Over Miguel Madueno

In a very hard-fought bout, lightweight top contender Keyshawn “The Businessman” Davis (11-0, 7 KO’s) defeated Miguel “Explosivo” Madueno (31-3, 28 KO’s) by way of unanimous decision. The general format of the match was established in the opening round and maintained throughout. This pattern would see an aggressive and durable Madueno press the action as The Businessman mainly countered, spun and exited.

Davis relied the most heavily on a melody of various angled hooks to the head and depleting uppercuts to the body. To his credit, Explosivo regularly connected with his fair share of crunching, head-hunting right hooks. Yet, outside of offense, Madueno’s main contribution to the duel was clenching, his relentless, Michael Myers-like pursuit of The Businessman, and numerous questionable tactics.

The action began getting a bit dirty around the fourth round. Explosivo grabbed and held Davis an obscene number of times. At the conclusion of one of these clinches, the referee got clipped by Madueno. In the seventh, Explosivo scooped up Davis and appeared to want to body slam him in vintage Hulk Hogan fashion. Thankfully, The Businessman was placed on the ground with no more controversy.

Yet, over the course of the final three rounds, Davis maintained his composure and blasted Madueno with a warehouse’s worth of hard hooks, uppercuts and straight punches down the pipe. Without question, Davis displayed toughness, a great gas tank and the ability to stay focused under serious fire. He won by way of unanimous decision to the tune 99-91 on all three cards.

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