Manny Pacquiao: The Boss of Bosses

Manny Pacquiao: The Boss of Bosses

Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao: The Boss of Bosses

As we wait for the Errol Spence vs Shawn Porter match-up, there’s a larger question looming on the horizon. What will Pacquiao do next? Even with the magnitude of the Spence vs Porter unification, the winner gets to wait in the Congressman’s crowded lobby. Until Pacquiao makes a decision, there’s not going to be any movement in the welterweight division.

Manny Pacquiao assumed total control of the welterweight division with his victory over Keith Thurman for his WBA welterweight title. Combined with his box office success, he’s now the kingpin. No top welterweight will announce a move until Pacquiao decides who gets to share a ring with him next. As it happens, there are several fighters who are legitimate options.

Errol Spence, IBF Welterweight Champion

Errol Spence Jr will clash with WBC champion Shawn “Showtime” Porter on September 28. If Spence can successfully unify his title, he becomes the fan favorite for a mega showdown. The Philippine icon also entered the ring following Spence’s victory over Mikey Garcia and said he’d be willing to fight him.

Danny Garcia

The former WBC welterweight champion has been considered as a potential Manny Pacquiao opponent for several years. However, the match-up has never materialized. Garcia was a unified champion at junior welterweight, and was very competitive with both Shawn Porter and Keith Thurman. He looks to have finally acclimated to the division, and has added some new wrinkles to his game. Garcia brings a solid fan base to the table, and with Pacquiao nearing retirement, he may want the guaranteed commercial success.

Mikey Garcia

As a multi-division world champion and former pound-for-pound star, he definitely has the pedigree. The downside is that he’s coming off of a lopsided loss to Errol Spence and it wouldn’t be a good look for the Congressman with unification bouts on the table. Mikey Garcia has a lucrative offer from DAZN, and has made it clear that he won’t make any moves until Pacquiao announces his plans.

Terence Crawford

As a former undisputed champion and three division world champion, if Pacquiao were to get a win here, he’d wrestle the mantle of “Best Fighter of the Era” from Floyd Mayweather, and put the finishing touch on an already sterling resume. Crawford has also been very vocal in calling out the eight-division world champion, and has a contingent of fans that believe Pacquiao actually fears him.

Shawn Porter

Point blank, if the WBC champion can pull off the upset and unify his title, he’s on the list. Pacquiao and Porter share some history, as “Showtime” helped Manny Pacquiao, in sparring, get ready for his epic victory over Miguel Cotto. As previously mentioned in the cases of Crawford and Spence, this would get us a step closer to an undisputed welterweight champion.

Its obvious that even while on the back nine of his illustrious career, Manny Pacquiao is the straw that stirs the drink in the welterweight division. On September 29, regardless what happens in the Spence vs Porter showdown, all eyes will be on Manny Pacquiao.

By: Corey Cunningham


  1. Yes, after making an example out of Thurman, Manny is totally in the drivers seat @147 and in line to call all the shots. But in no way does beating Porter put Errol in line for the Manny sweepstakes. Why should Manny have to fight Errol, then Crawford if he wants to become Undisputed Unified Champion? I think the winner of Errol v Porter should have to fight Crawford, giving the winner of that fight 3/4 titles, and then have earned a shot at the big Manny payday. Plus, there is something in it for Manny. A chance at finally becoming a Undisputed Lineal Unified Champion. Something Manny or Floyd Mayweather have never been. I like the idea of Manny being in one more big title fight,against any of those guys, Errol, Porter or Crawford. In the meantime, Manny can take a stay busy fight against against either Danny or Mikey Garcia. Just so hes not sitting around for a year. The winner of Errol v Porter can fight Crawford in say, March, with the winner of that fight moving on to Manny in August/September. Within a year we can get this all sorted out. Unless they want to do it faster. I’m fine with that too. Regardless, Manny should get to pick how, who and when. He has earned it. Not just because of his body of work, but because he wrecked Thurman. one of these new age fighters that Manny didnt have to fight….

  2. Nice sports article, Manny is money at this point of his last days in his career.

  3. It says a lot about Pacquiao as a boxer & as a cash cow in boxing, even at this stage of his career! You could also add; Amir Khan, Jeff Horn, possibly Floyd Mayweather, if he decides to unretire. The Pacman has ample amount of opponents that he can choose from!

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