Plant: “Jermall Charlo Just Can’t Come To Terms With Reality”

Jermall Charlo Says Caleb Plant Likely Regrets Slapping Him

Caleb Plant mocks Jermall Charlo for his take on being slapped
Caleb Plant mocks Jermall Charlo for his take on being slapped

Caleb Plant Amused by Jermall Charlo’s Take on Being Slapped

Despite having an upcoming fight versus Jose Benavidez Jr., WBC middleweight champion Jermall “Hit Man” Charlo (32-0, 22 KO’s) has another fighter on his mind. That pugilist happens to be one-time super middleweight champion Caleb “Sweethands” Plant (22-2, 13 KO’s). For those in the know, this should not come as any manner of surprise.

This is because of the now prominently discussed incident where Plant slapped Charlo square in the face. Naturally, any person would want revenge and it appears that Charlo indeed does want his pound of flesh. Oddly enough however, as explained on The Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer, Hit Man has a completely unique outlook on the scene caught on film and the aftermath that followed.

“I’m laughing at it because if he feel some type of way about it, we could have handled it right then and there. We could have handled it like right then and there. Anybody could come up, you could walk up to anybody and just smack ’em and run off, hop in your car and dip off. He knew what time it was at that time. I mean it’s cool, we ain’t got to talk about it. We can get it the right way, though.”

“I will easily fight him, easily! Trash! It’s cool though . . . little pussy move . . . he won’t ever come to any boxing event around me – now you got to be on the watch. You got to be scared. He probably didn’t go to his own boxing gym for like a month or two because it’s probably people in his own city that wanted to whoop him for that. But it’s cool, when I see him its on and popping.”

Paying the zaniness of his mental calculations little mind, Plant has let it be known he is aware of Charlo’s thoughts and down to fight.

Caleb Plant responds to comments by Jermall Charlo


The best news about this scenario, at the moment, is that both Charlo and Plant are saying they are down with the fight. Raising the ante, Sweethands is not currently booked for any dance dates. Presumably, he could easily wait to see what transpires on November 25.

Therefore, if Charlo takes care of business when he tangles with Benavidez Jr., the collision with the slap-bandit himself could be next. Even better, Charlo versus Plant writes itself. Sweethands, ranked #4 (WBC), #5 (WBA) and #11 (IBF), is fresh off a fight with once bitter rival David Benavidez. On that night however, Benavidez proved to be the better man.

Losing by decision didn’t stop Plant from showing his acumen, skill and heart by upholding his half of a fun war. Said to say, the fans shouldn’t be reluctant to support the Tennessee native again. Not to mention, the vitriol that Charlo and Plant would spew at one another throughout the build-up will no doubt be vulgar, entertaining and hilarious.

Most all, once in the ring, this duel has a great chance of being another fan-favorite scrap. So first, let’s check out Jermall Charlo and Jose Benavidez Jr. and go from there.

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