Caleb Plant: “I’m a Professional Ass Whipper!”

Caleb Plant Insists He Will KO Mike Lee

Caleb Plant
Caleb Plant. Photo Credit Larry Burton Photography

Caleb Plant Insists He is Prepared for Fight Night!

Ahead of his July 20 prizefight with Mike Lee, Caleb “Sweet Hands” Plant has remained the picture of resolve.

The bout will serve as the first defense of his IBF super middleweight title that he won over Jose Uzcategui this past January 13. The status as champion, as well as the additional media attention, are new to Plant. However, he assures that he is perfectly at home in the situation.


The Nashville native believes that all his trials and tribulations, in and outside of the ring, have transformed him into just the boxer that he needs to be.

Beyond this, Plant happily reported that he successfully navigated a beneficially rigorous and injury-free training camp. The arduous training camp, combined with his previous experience on the big stage, has left Plant bubbling over with calm and confidence.

“I been through the things necessary in my life and been built up in my career. Through all the things that have prepared me for this moment.

Every time I get closer to a fight, the moment doesn’t get bigger, it gets smaller[…] if you been hearing, you know, anything through the grapevine, this is the best Caleb Plant your going to see!”


One of the Plant’s most consistent talking points is that he will stop Mike Lee within the distance. Now that we have arrived at fight week, Sweet Hands is not changing his tune.

The IBF champion remains firm in his stance that while he is in this current shape and armed with his skill set, there is no way that Lee will hear the final bell.

“I ain’t a professional runner, I’m a professional ass whipper.

“He’s never fought on a stage like this and to be honest, I have never fought on a stage being on FOX. This is my first time on FOX. But I feel like I’m more prepared than he is.

“I been in tough fights. I’ve been in with some pretty tough guys in there. I been through the fire, so I think that I’m prepared.”

The Plant v Lee match-up will be the final free fight to air on FOX prior to the formal pay-per-view portion begins.

By: Bakari Simpson

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