Shawn Porter: “I Know A Lot About Sebastian Formella”

Shawn Porter Talks Sebastian Formella

Shawn Porter (left), Sebastian Formella
Shawn Porter (left), Sebastian Formella

Shawn Porter Talks Sebastian Formella

On August 22, former welterweight champion Shawn “Showtime” Porter (30-3-1, 17 KO’s) will face the challenge of German boxer Sebastian Formella (22-0, 10 KO’s). At the time of signing however, like most in the boxing world, Porter did not have a clue as to who Formella was.

Luckily for Showtime, as he told Fight Hype, he had access to an extensive network of allies willing to provide him information on his approaching assignment. Now, armed with his new reconnaissance, Porter is confident that there is nothing that the German can do to catch him off guard.

“I know a lot about him, I think most people will be surprised to hear that. The good part about being me is I have a lot of connections and my connections are always willing to help. And so multiple people actually in Germany were able to get myself, as well as my dad information, information on the fighter.”

“Another connection was able to give me about ten fights of his that were all over there in Germany and Europe. So, I know a lot about the guy. He likes to use the ring, he likes to move, he needs some space to work and he wants to use that long-rangy jab too.”


Despite being virtually unknown in the boxing world, Porter is not taking Formella lightly. Showtime still has grander goals in the sport to accomplish, but first he will need to get Formella out of his way. And let Porter tell it, not only will he get past the German, he should show a few new looks in the process.

“Nothing new for me, I think for you guys you’ll see a different approach to our tactics and how we plan to take on and take out Sebastian Formella.”

Yet, let him tell it, versatility is just another staple in his arsenal.

“I think you always see a different Shawn Porter in every fight. It just depends on the fighter and their style. I can definitely say that my last five fights you don’t see the exact same Shawn Porter in the ring. You may see hints of one Shawn Porter in two particular fights but definitely my last five fights there is a different Shawn Porter; definitely throughout each of those fights. So I think a lot the same here…you’ll say, ‘okay, so Shawn Porter has added another wrinkle to his game!’”

From the outside looking in, if Porter wanted to work on some new moves, this would be the bout to do it in!

By: Bakari Simpson

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