Regis Prograis Tells Josh Taylor He’s The Only One That Can Beat Him!

Regis Prograis Tells Josh Taylor He Had A Bad Night!

Regis Prograis and Josh Taylor
Regis Prograis (left) and Josh Taylor.

Regis Prograis: “The Only One That Beats Josh Taylor Is That Fighter From New Orleans!”

WBA/IBF junior welterweight champion Josh Taylor (16-0, 12KO) and former WBSS finals foe Regis Prograis (24-1, 20KO) meet again, but not in the ring!

Over social media, the former WBA champion replied to a post Taylor made about the possibility of the highly anticipated undisputed bout with WBC/WBO champion Jose Ramirez (25-0, 17KO) being made this year.

Prograis claimed he didn’t believe Ramirez could win that fight.

While he gave the edge to Taylor in the fight, he threw his own name back in the pot by stating he is the only person in the division that can beat the Scotsman.

Regis Prograis Gives Opinion On Taylor vs Ramirez
Regis Progais gives his opinion on Taylor vs Ramirez.

This of course prompted an immediate response from Taylor.

Josh Taylor Claims He Would Beat Regis Prograis Ten Times Out Of Ten

Josh Taylor Dismisses Regis Prograis’ “Off Night” Comment
Josh Taylor claims he would beat Regis Prograis ten times out of ten.
Regis Prograis Claims The Odds Where Stacked Against Him
Regis Prograis claims the odds were stacked against him.
Josh Taylor Blasts Regis Prograis For His Excuses
Josh Taylor blasts Regis Prograis for his excuses.

Here is where the controversy lies. Prograis took his defeat to Taylor graciously in the ring in October of 2019. While the world waited to hear excuses come from the mouth of the brash junior welterweight, he offered none and thanked his foe and the UK fans for the opportunity.

As always, in due time, a person’s true feelings will be revealed. Now he claimed he had a bad night which is very possible. However, it seems to be a statement to dismiss his shortcoming as well as the skill of his foe while being irrelevant after the fact.

Furthermore, he stated what most fans felt would be the case when he signed on the dotted line to face the Scotsman in the UK for the WBSS finals. At that moment in time, it didn’t matter if he was in the UK, he still had the confidence that he was going to wash Taylor. Now that the fight has concluded and we are beyond the immediate aftermath of it, the location is an issue.

This is a concern that has come a little too late and begs the question “if you were so worried about the odds being stacked against you, why did you agree to the location?” Prograis benefited from a hometown advantage throughout the WBSS tournament. It was actually refreshing to see him travel in enemy territory because it showed he is not afraid to fight the best in their backyard!

To be fair, Taylor offered an excuse as well. He claimed the damage he sustained in that fight were due to head-butts which was clearly not the case.

Nevertheless, their bout was one of the most anticipated match-ups of 2019 and it delivered! A rematch would be great, however, with the road to undisputed being one fight away for both Taylor and Ramirez (which is a great fight in its own right), this bout will definitely take precedence!

By: EJ Williams

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