Daniel Dubois Victimizes Ricardo Snijders; Joe Joyce Bout Next

Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce Should Be Next!

Daniel Dubois celebrates victory
Daniel Dubois

Daniel Dubois Destroys Ricardo Snijders In Two

A high-stakes, all-British heavyweight match-up between two hard-hitting, undefeated fighters in Daniel “Dynamite” Dubois (15-0, 14KO) and Joe “Juggernaut” Joyce (11-0, 10KO) has been scheduled three times this year! On April 11, July 11 and October 24, fans prepared for what is said to be a SURE knockout event…literally!

However, COVID-19 would be the culprit behind the rescheduling. The latter date for Dubois vs Joyce is still in play. Although, the two would be allowed to get “tune-up” fights in before having to face each other.

This leads Dubois to be primed to victimize unknown challenger from the Netherlands Ricardo Snijders (18-2, 8KO). Joyce has already pummeled his “tune-up” in Michael Wallisch on July 25. Now all that remains is for Dubois to do the same. Or at the very least, win.


Snijders was much smaller than Dubois having sported 217 pounds vs 246 pounds and given the favorite really had all the advantages after that, it was obvious the night would be a short one.

Realistically, the bout could have been stopped in the first round. The British heavyweight stalked his prey and clobbered him with shots to the body. Snijders crumbled to the canvas on three occasions in that first round; all from body shots!

The referee really gave the underdog more chances than needed by allowing the fight to continue after the third knockdown. If it wasn’t clear before the fight that this was a gross mis-match, the body shots showed you!

Unfortunately, a second round came. However, it wouldn’t last very long as Dubois would quickly land another volley of shots to the body and drop his foe for a fourth time early in the round. Snijders recovered again but this time, the referee waived off the bout.


With this “walk in the park” over, the next fight fans want to see is what was promised. Who is going to get stopped October 24? Joyce or Dubois?

By: EJ Williams

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