Raeese Aleem Claims Eleventh Round TKO Over Vic Pasillas!

Raeese Aleem TKOs Vic Pasillas

Raeese Aleem
Raeese Aleem

Raeese Aleem TKOs Vic Pasillas

In the co-main event of the night, super bantamweight fighter Raesse “The Beast” Aleem (18-0, 12 KO’s) picked up an 11th round TKO victory. To claim the victory, Aleem outperformed a talented and resilient “Vicious” Vic Pasillas (16-1, 9 KO). Heading into this prizefight, many felt that this could turn into the fight of the night. Each man was coming off impressive showings and looking to show their overall worth in the division. In fact, both fighters entered the bout coming off six consecutive stoppage victories. Regrettably for Pasillas, his gravy train would come to a screeching halt!


The battle of the undefeated fighters got off to a quick and intense pace. Aleem started the night by coming forward as the fight aggressor. In response, his southpaw adversary fought off the back foot and attempted to fend Aleem off with his jab. While the punches flew with frequency, there was nothing overly pressing to report in the premiere round. This would change in the second! As they continued to probe for holes in defense, Pasillas was floored with a straight right. To his credit, the Californian ate the shot well and got up without any serious issues.

The action essentially leveled out over the course of the next few periods. The Beast remained tricky by approaching on numerous angles and frequently changing his stance. Meanwhile, Vicious had yet to make any serious adjustments whatsoever. To make matters worse, Aleem sent Pasillas to the canvas for the second time in the sixth round. On this occasion, a hook to the back of the head did the trick. In the seventh, Vicious was roughed up and seemingly hurt along the ropes. Although, to his credit, he remained on his feet.

Sensing his foe was hurt, Aleem began the eighth round with a number of brutal body shots. Toward the middle of the round however, Pasillas connected with several straight lefts that caught the Beast flush. While Aleem was not significantly hurt, the blows clearly caused him some issues. Pasillas carried the momentum into the next round and buzzed Aleem early. Sadly for him, while going in to do further damage, Vicious got clipped, causing his glove to touch the canvas. The sequence resulted in Pasillas suffering a third standing eight-count.

The action slowed a bit in the tenth as the Beast seemingly resumed control of the driver’s seat. The night then suddenly came to a violent conclusion in the eleventh round. Right at the top of the period, Aleem coldcocked Pasillas with a thudding right hook to the chin and follow-up right hook. This time, when Vicious hit the deck, the bout was immediately waved off, granting Aleem the victory.

By: Bakari Simpson

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