Taylor: “I’m Only Staying At 140 To Shut Up Catterall And Everyone Else!”

Josh Taylor is Fed Up with the Disrespect!

Josh Taylor holding up his country's flag
Josh Taylor | Credit: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Josh Taylor Looking to Prove Jack Catterall Match was Merely A Bad Night

As the undisputed champion of a division, said champion no doubt is looking for a great measure of respect from the media and their peers. Unfortunately for Josh “The Tartan Tornado” Taylor (19-0, 13 KO’s), the unified super lightweight champion received more coldshoulder than anything during his brief tenure as undisputed. The chilly reception is somewhat a new phenomenon. In fact, it can be traced directly back to his last dustup with Jack “El Gato” Catterall (26-1, 13 KO’s).

While Taylor was given the nod by split decision by the judges, the public at large felt that the wrong man won. The Tartan Tornado is the first to admit that it was not his best showing in the ring, although he does feel that he was the victor. The thing that is really burning his biscuits though is the fact that his whole resume is seemingly being overlooked. At least this is what he told the National.

“I don’t think it was the wrong decision [in February] but I want to shut everyone up. I want to prove that was an off night for me and that I’m one of the best fighters on the planet. Because of all the stick and abuse I’ve been getting, and the way Jack’s been too, mouthing off and moaning, I just want to shut his mouth. The single reason I’m staying at the weight is to shut him and everyone else up.

It’s frustrating because anyone who knows me knows I’d fight with my shadow in an empty house. I’m not scared to fight anybody. But boxing fans are so fickle, they change like the weather. Often, they don’t understand the business and then it starts getting personal. And if they didn’t have that keyboard in front of them, there’s no way they’d say it.

Everything I’ve done, being the first guy from the UK to become undisputed world champion, in only 18 fights – has that been forgotten? My run up to the Catterall fight had been defeating undefeated champion after undefeated champion, I beat them all. And I beat Jack too, on a really bad performance so it’s quite funny how quickly people forget.”


It is true that Taylor traveled a hard road to get to the mountain top that he scaled. There is no doubt that he should be praised for that. What The Tartan Tornado seems to be forgetting though, is in this cutthroat business you are only as good as your last match. And in his, Taylor looked like anything but the undisputed champion. Honestly though, one could be forgiven for an off night in the office.

The heat that Taylor is getting stems from his initial attempt to sidestep facing Catterall again. Rather than immediately trying to correct this perceived wrong, the unified champion started talking about leaving the division. Here is were fans and insiders felt that he was aiming to slink out the backdoor without proving his mettle and position one more time. So, with all eyes on him, now is the perfect time for Taylor to display his superiority again. Or, illustrate that becoming the man, and retaining that position, was a bit out of reach. It should be fun finding out either way.

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By: Bakari Simpson

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