Rashiem Jefferson: “I Can Box And Bang, I Am A Versatile Fighter”

Fans should get to know prospect Rashiem Jefferson

Rashiem Jefferson
Rashiem Jefferson

Fans should get to know prospect Rashiem Jefferson

In boxing, there is always fresh blood that is needed for the sport to continue to grow. Fighters with a decorated amateur background are always being scouted by the major entities in the sport, and this is where undefeated featherweight prospect Rashiem Jefferson (3-0) enters the story.

The 19-year-old Philadelphia fighter is looking to make his mark in a very talented division. Furthermore, observing his achievements in the amateur ranks, there is reason to believe in the young man. Those of us inside the boxing community may remember the young prospect from his victories against Jose Martinez (2-2, 1ko), and Steve Garagarza (3-3, 2ko), part of the Top Rank fights at The Bubble, in the MGM Grand back in 2020.

During an interview with 3kingsboxing affiliate Brawler Sports Media, the young fighter talked about his journey from amateur to professional.

“I had about 115 fights, I won a hundred plus, I was a four-time national champion, I qualified for the Olympic trial and was the youngest fighter at the trials. I traveled overseas won a bronze medal, I won the junior Olympic gold medal, and the eastern trials gold medal.”

Equally important, he was also the youngest fighter to qualify for the Olympic trials, and these kinds of accolades are worth the attention of any major entity in the sport.


Jefferson went into detail about his style of fighting. As a southpaw boxer, there are similarities between himself and other fighters.

“I feel I have my own type of style. Of course, people compare me to other fighters like Tevin Farmer, Shakur Stevenson, and Jaron Ennis: we grew up in the gym together. Some people compared me to Sweet Pea (Pernell Whitaker), and some to Prince Naseem Hamed.”

“There are a lot of guys that people compare me to, but I feel like I have my own style….the type of fighter I am, it is not even no certain type of style. I feel like whatever type of fight we got to have, then I feel like that’s what I can do.”

“I can fight you on the inside, and I can fight you on the outside, I can box you real good, and I can bang you up real good, I would say I am a versatile fighter.”

When asked about fighting some of the other guys in the division, the talented young fighter did not hesitate and aimed for the champions of the division.

“Who is it I want to fight is either (WBO champion) Emanuel Navarrete or (IBF champion) Josh Warrington. You know the world champions or any of the top guys.”

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The undefeated featherweight acknowledged liking WBC champion Gary Russell Jr. However, he believes that the older and more seasoned veteran champion is looking for a huge payday before leaving the sport. This was his reason for not mentioning Russell as one of the champions he wants to fight.

Looking to keep the momentum going, the undefeated prospect will be returning to the ring against James Early (5-6) at the 2300 Arena, in Philadelphia on February 6.

By: Garrisson Bland

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