UPDATE: Wilder Negotiations With DAZN Producing Positive Results

Deontay Wilder and DAZN Negotiations Looking Good

Deontay Wilder and John Skipper
Deontay Wilder (left) negotiations with John Skipper from DAZN (right) are going well.

Deontay Wilder and DAZN negotiations are looking positive!

The boxing world has been on the edge of their seats waiting to hear whats next for Deontay Wilder!

3kingsboxing.com recently reported the Wilder team would have a sit down discussion with DAZN big shot John Skipper. It wasn’t long ago that in response to rival Tyson Fury signing a landmark deal with Top Rank and ESPN Wilder announced he was a network free agent.

While this rings true for many PBC affiliated fighters, it is also common knowledge that these fighters almost exclusively fight on PBC cards and on PBC affiliated networks like FOX and Showtime.

Following the announcement of his free agent status, the charismatic fighter was greeted with lucrative offers from ESPN and DAZN. While those deals originally failed to materialize, it appears negotiations now between Wilder and DAZN are going much better.

Recent Reports

It is being reported that Wilder has been offered a multi fight deal. The exact numbers of the deal aren’t exactly clear. Some sources report an offering of $20 million for his next fight against Dominic Brezeale with the guarantee of an undisputed heavyweight title clash against Anthony Joshua coming next.

Other reports are saying it’s a $38 million two-fight offer with the second fight being the showdown with Joshua. Of course in both cases, Joshua will have to defeat Jarrell Miller June 1.

UPDATE: MARCH 13, 2019

Reports are the offer is $100 million for three-fights, with the last being an undisputed clash against Anthony Joshua!

Eddie Hearn has been on record saying he believes Skipper can get this deal done. He believes the only way Joshua and Wilder ever meet in the ring is through Skipper. The DAZN head has been instrumental in bringing Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin on board with DAZN.

Positive Results

Wilders manager Shelly Finkel said after the meetings on March 12 that talks “went well.” This is a vast improvement from the tumultuous relationship between the Joshua and Wilder camps in the past.

The WBC champion has a lot of decision makers on his team. Promoter Lou Dibella initially set up the talks with Skipper, however, advisor Al Haymon, and co-managers Finkel and Jay Deas all play a major hand in guiding his career. Having someone as business savvy as Skipper handle these talks is a much better route then having Wilder’s team clash with the sometimes crass Hearn.

Nevertheless, a few things are clear. Wilder is fighting Brezeale next and DAZN is making a serious play to make the most anticipated fight in boxing happen. We don’t know if his next fight will be on DAZN or Showtime, but at least both sides are working together to give us an undisputed heavyweight champion and one of the biggest fights possible today!

By: Tanner Gill

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