Robinson Makes MTK Global Debut September 7

Robinson talks about making his MTK Global debut!

Rising Welsh star Jacob Robinson – son of former world champion Steve – will make his MTK Global debut on the company’s first ever show in Wales on September 7.

‘Baby Jake’ (2-0) is added to a bill that already includes compatriots Liam Williams and Sean McGoldrick and is thrilled to be handed a big stage on which to showcase his undoubted talent.

Robinson said:

“It’s a really big night for all of us. Hopefully this is the start of bringing big-time boxing back to Wales. If MTK Global can bring more shows to Cardiff, that’s great.

“Being on the bill with Liam and Sean is great and there are some other promising local boys like JJ Evans and Maredudd Thomas. We’re all young so the future of Welsh boxing is bright.

“In terms of my own progress, I’ve got a six-rounder for this next fight and then maybe one more before I want to fight for the Welsh title. I’m happy for that to be at super-bantamweight or at featherweight.

“My Dad has told me he believes I can go all the way and it’s about going through the levels to gain confidence and experience from each stage.

“I’ll take each fight on its merits and step up gradually. The first target is definitely the Welsh and in three or four years’ time, I want to be at the top.”

Press Release From: MTK Global