Jermell Charlo to Harrison: “You Faked An Injury!”

Tony Harrison vs Jermell Charlo Presser Pure Fire!

Jermell Charlo and Tony Harrison
Jermell Charlo (left) and Tony Harrison.

Tony Harrisson vand Jermell Charlo pull zero punches at heated presser!

To kick off their press tour, WBC world super welterweight champion Tony “Super Bad” Harrison (28-2, 21 KO’s) and Jermell “Iron Man” Charlo (32-1, 16 KO’s) staged one of the more memorable pressers of the year. The upcoming bout on December 21, 2019 will serve as a rematch to their December 22, 2018 title fight.


Well before last December, when they arrived at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center to punch each other in the teeth, there was a health heaping of animosity in the air. At that time, Charlo was the WBC champion and Harrison was not overly impressed with the Texan. Ahead of the bout, a popular theory held that Charlo would more than likely overwhelm the Detroit native with his formidable power.

In his only two losses, to Willie Nelson and Jarrett Hurd, Harrison lost by way of knockout. This history gave the idea some credibility. Once in the ring though, Harrison was able to use his nimble legs and a stiff reliable jab to largely control the better part of the fight.

After going the full twelve rounds, Harrison received Charlo’s belt by way of unanimous decision. The verdict read: 113-115 twice, and 112-116. The loss of the match and his belt has remained an icy thorn in Charlo’s heart ever since. To the credit of both, the two quickly established a rematch to be held back in June.

Unfortunately, during training camp, Super Bad sustained an injury to his ankle that forced him to postpone the fight. From the moment he heard the news, Iron Man has cried foul. The angered Texan felt that Harrison was faking the ailment trying to alibi for time. And he told any and all reporters who would listen the same

“Let me talk this shit to you real quick. Let me speak this real rap. You faked an injury! […] He wasn’t ready! He wasn’t ready for what I was about to deliver to him.”

Jermell Charlo – Former WBC Super Welterweight Champion

At the presser, Charlo told these words to Harrison’s face.


The former champion was first on the mic and the first to get greasy. Iron Man opened by saying Harrison faked the injury and informed that the drama only fired him up. Charlo also took the time to ridicule Super Bad for being hurt and stopped by Nelson before clowning the conditions of his present camp.

“I want all the smoke! It’s all theatrics with him. […] All the money in the world don’t make you a real motha fucka! You a hoe!

“I don’t care how much money you got. I know a bunch of millionaire hoe ass motha fuckas and you one of them!”

Tony Harrison – WBC Super Welterweight Champion

Without skipping a beat, Harrison took the mic and returned all fire and managed to turn up the heat in the room. Super Bad began by nonchalantly chuckling at Charlo’s charges, then labeled him as the ultimate pretender. After calling him one of the softest guys around, the champion shifted the energy when he declared, “we can fight right now!”

Charlo answered with, “what’s up?” That’s when members of both teams snapped into action and strategically positioned themselves to prevent any melee. As the different peace keepers milled about, the two fighters continued woofing. With neither willing to back down, Charlo openly invited the impromptu fight and Harrison called him about 72 ‘punks,’ ‘pussies,’ ‘boy’s’ and ‘hoes’ while he did.


Without a doubt, their mutual distaste for one another is the genuine article. Luckily, for the fans, this vitriolic discord seems to be a potent motivating factor. When they meet in the ring for the rematch, in roughly a months’ time, there should be some premium action. It’ll be fun to see what adjustments are made and how much this rancor plays out in the squared-circle.

By: Bakari Simpson

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