Rolando “Rolly” Romero: “They Know I Would F**K Ryan Garcia Up!”

Rolly Romero Breaks His Silence About Ryan Garcia

Rolando Romero and Ryan Garcia
Rolando "Rolly" Romero has some words for Ryan Garcia!

Rolando Romero puts plenty of disrespect on Ryan Garcia’s name!

Undefeated lightweight prospect Rolando “Rolly” Romero (8-0, 7KO) has been very vocal in his desire to face Ryan Garcia. Both fighters are very young prospects, as Romero only has eight fights while Garcia has eighteen. The Golden Boy prospect is considered to be a blue chip prospect, so it’d be highly unlikely his promoter Oscar De La Hoya would remotely consider making such a dangerous fight with so many lucrative opportunities looming in the near future.

This bout is the brainchild of Floyd Mayweather, who promotes Rolando Romero and Gervonta “Tank” Davis. Garcia, who’s been calling out Davis publicly and on social media, has made it known he truly believes he can defeat the Baltimore native.

Mayweather used this opportunity to insert Romero’s name into the mix. He has even offered Garcia $200k plus a guaranteed shot at Davis should Garcia emerge victorious. From a business and competitive standpoint, it makes no sense for Garcia or his handlers to take that deal. The possibility of all three of these fighters meeting in the future can happen if they remain undefeated.

Romero Speaks On Garcia

With the social media aspect playing a role, this may happen sooner than later. Romero was also abundantly clear on how he feels in a recent interview.

“Floyd knows he won’t get passed me. Ryan knows he won’t get past me. De La Hoya knows he won’t get past me. I’m a 6-round fighter in De La Hoya’s opinion.

If I’m a 6-rounder fighter, why not get Ryan easy money against me and then a guaranteed title shot? Right? It would make sense, ya know. They know I would fuck him up and De La Hoya can’t afford to lose to Floyd again!

Floyd beat the s**t out of De La Hoya. Floyd beat the s**t out of Canelo, and now I’m going to beat the shit out of Ryan.”

These are the types of budding rivalries that can lead to big events. So for now, let’s hope these fighters keep winning so their paths eventually cross!

By: Corey Cunningham

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