Gabe Rosado: “Danny Jacobs’ Opponents Were Tailor-Made For Him!”

Gabe Rosado Fires Back At Daniel Jacobs!

Gabriel Rosado and Daniel Jacobs
Gabriel Rosado (left), Daniel Jacobs

Gabe Rosado: “I Could Never Be Jealous!”

During a recent interview conducted by Fight Hype, former middleweight champion Daniel “Miracle Man” Jacobs (36-3, 30 KO’s) took the time to bring up “King” Gabriel Rosado (25-12-1, 14 KO’s) as a potential future opponent. Yet, even while stating that he would like to fight Rosado, Jacobs made a point to say that they were not on the same level professionally. The Miracle Man even went so far as to call Rosado a gatekeeper, and a jealous one at that.

Naturally, Rosado did not take kindly to the comments, but at the same time he was not sent flying off into some blind rage. In his mind, the statements were simply too inaccurate to get salty over. Not only did he not take much offense to the bold words, Rosado felt that in a sense he was the tougher boxer. This is because he believed that had Jacobs been forced to traverse his path, he would not still be the relevant fighter that he is these days as he told to AB Boxing News.


When explaining his rationale for this thought process, Rosado highlighted what he feels is the red carpet that was provided for Daniel Jacobs. Rather than being provided a custom made route to the top, King Rosado maintains that from the very inception of his career he fought killer after killer.

“His opponents were tailor-made for him to win. [When] I’m coming up, I’m just fighting top competition from the rip! So for me to still be here standing and still be relevant, it speaks volumes because it wasn’t handed to me the same way it was handed to Danny.

“I’m not saying he didn’t put work in, but it ain’t the same route. It was different competition, different fights. It was never tailor-made for me to be the A-guy or anything like that.

“I could never be jealous of his career because I am proud of the type of career that I had because how many motherfuckers you know that could do what I’ve done and still be relevant and never ever had the promoters backing me?

“Never had the big name back me, never had the network back me. I am here because the fans fuck with me and they’re like, ‘yo man, Gabe Rosado, win lose or draw he brings it!’

“Jacobs is still here and he is still relevant because they fucking pump him like a motherfucker. And even the way they pump him, he still is not that big of a star in the first place.”


Aside from competing against a long line of complimentary opposition, Rosado also points out the high-powered promotional push that Jacobs has benefited from. As something of a ‘people’s champion’ King Rosado is convinced that minus the tremendous hype machine behind his name, the Miracle Man would have fell away from main stream conversations a long time ago.

“If he would have went my route, I don’t think he would still be here. If he would have walked in my shoes and fought the opponents that I fought early, everybody, even fights that I was cheated on as well. Whatever the case maybe, I don’t think he would be relevant.

“He is relevant because they pump him and they push him and that’s why he is relevant. But promoters won’t do that for me, but I am still relevant because at the end of the day the fans have a different connection with me than they do with him. I mean the fans can relate to me because I am the motherfucker who had the graveyard shifts.

“I am the motherfucker who dug fucking water mains and shit like that. And bust his ass 9 to 5 to pursue this boxing career, right? So its blue collar, so the fans can really relate to me because it’s a similar life style.”


While this simmering feud is not flat out disrespectful, there is enough obvious irritation for these two to stage one fun scrap. And let Rosado tell it, there is no time like the present!

“It’s a fight that I felt like should have been happened, but I’m saying I think its perfect timing right now. Like him moving up to 168, me moving up to ’68.”

By: Bakari Simpson

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