Gabriel Rosado On Daniel Jacobs: “I Just Kind Of Want To Shut Him Up!”

Rosado looking for respect and world title shot

Gabriel Rosado (left), Daniel Jacobs
Gabriel Rosado (left), Daniel Jacobs

Rosado looking for respect and world title shot

Come November 27, Gabriel “King” Rosado (25-12-1, 14 KO’s) will have the day that he has craved for years. On that date, he will finally be able to sock Daniel “Miracle Man” Jacobs (36-3, 30 KO’s) in the face and close his mouth.

Despite the years of greasy insults and open disdain, Rosado insists that he has no overt hatred or inherent dislike for Jacobs. In the Philly natives mind, as he told Behind the Gloves, this is simply about forcing a fellow fighter to show the proper respect.

“I just feel like [there is] a lack of respect. I feel like he has reached a certain level and he just kind of walks around with his chin high like he is a hot shot. So, I just kind of want to shut him up, I’m not feeling him.”


When talking about Rosado, the Miracle Man has not been shy about highlighting the numerous amount of losses on his resume. To his credit, King Rosado also does not try to avoid the subject. However, the gritty Philly pugilist takes great pride in his past accomplishments and the defeats as well.

“I’ve been fighting [Gennady] Golovkin, Peter Quillin, [David] Lemieux, the [Jermell] Charlo’s, [Alfredo] Angulo, when he was in his prime. So my route has been a little different. I started late, so it wasn’t like I was that fighter where a manager took me in and was grooming me to become a world champion. It was just throwing me to the wolves right off the rip. So I take pride in my career.”

“I am about to be 15 years in as a pro, I’m still relevant, the fans still love me. I am really in this, this is a fight were I may be the underdog but my chances of winning this fight are really good.”


There is no doubt that the upcoming bout with Jacobs will be a difficult affair for Rosado. He would not deny that for a second. In fact, Rosado openly admits that he has not put his best foot forward in his last several prizefights. This, he claims, will not be the case on November 27.

Newly invigorated by the chance to settle this old score has injected him with new motivation. The belief that an impressive showing could put him on a short road to a title shot however, has done wonders to bring out the best in “King” Rosado.

“I’m still passionate about it [boxing] and it’s still my number one priority because I still have not won a world title yet. I still need that! That’s what keeps me going and at this point. Of course we fight for money and all that, but at this point that’s not the main thing. It’s more about legacy. Like yo, become a world champion, I think that’s just a Hollywood film!”

By: Bakari Simpson

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