Andy Ruiz: “Me And Reynoso Are Good; Canelo & I Just Need Fair Time”

Andy Ruiz on Talks Leaving Eddy Reynoso

Andy Ruiz says split with Eddy Reynoso was over time
Andy Ruiz with Canelo Alvarez, Eddy Reynoso (corner, Credit:Roberto Cortés)

Andy Ruiz Explains his Split with Trainer Eddy Reynoso

Similar to lightweight fighter Ryan Garcia, one-time unified heavyweight champion Andy “Destroyer” Ruiz (34-2, 22 KO’s) has also walked away from famed trainer Eddy Reynoso. Unsurprisingly, both boxers had near the same identical thing to report. Each stated that there was no bad blood of any sort, but rather it was more of a time issue.

Garcia pointed to the bulk of Reynoso’s stable and highlighted how his training time was sheared down because of it. Similarly Ruiz felt that the focus that Reynoso would put into Canelo, following his second professional defeat, would have too great an impact on his schedule. The jovial fighter went into greater detail on the matter when speaking at a recent presser.

“No, me and him [Reynoso] are in a good relationship, with Canelo as well. But they understand as well that Canelo has a tough fight under his belt on September 17 and I think we both needed our fair time. But there’s nothing bad going between us or nothing.”


Instead of Reynoso, Alfredo Osuna will helm Ruiz’s corner as his chief second when he next goes to battle. The two will put their heads together to face the challenge of Luis “King Kong” Ortiz (33-2, 28 KO’s), ranked #2 (IBF), #5 (WBO) and #8 (WBC), on September 4. The dustup is both dangerous and significant for both fighters. Ortiz, nearing his mid-forties, is without question fighting on borrowed time. If he is going to make any more notable noise in the sport, it’s a must that he do it now!

As far as Ruiz is concerned, ironically, like the aforementioned Ryan Garcia, Destroyer also wrestles with his public credibility. After his stunning upset defeat of Anthony Joshua, Ruiz nearly instantly fell victim to the good life. In doing so, he spent a bunch of money, got out of shape and was beaten by Joshua in their immediate rematch . To be honest, he hasn’t done much of anything since that time worth mentioning.

In fact, his only match since that loss was an extremely sour performance against Chris Arreola. This is why, if Destroyer, ranked #5 (WBC) and #12 (WBA), wants to maintain any respectability with the fans, not only does he need to beat Ortiz, he needs to beat him in style. Only time will tell, so I guess we’ll just have to check it out on fight night!

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