Ryan Garcia: “I Used To Drink All The Time; Nothing Happened!”

Ryan Garcia is Out To Prove Drinking Is No Issue For Him

Ryan Garcia makes wild comments about drinking in camp
Ryan Garcia sees no issue with drinking in camp (credit: Luis Sinco)

Ryan Garcia Doesn’t Believe Drinking in Camp is a Problem

During the first official presser for his April 20 dance date with WBC junior welterweight Devin Haney, social media star “King“ Ryan Garcia (24-1, 20 KO’s) admitted to drinking in past camps. At the time, Garcia gave the impression that this was something in his past. Yet, after recently taking to his social media, King Ryan let it be known that he has incorporated drinking in camp as a regular activity.

“I used to do it [drink] all the time bro, and nothing ever happened to me. Literally the time that I didn’t drink is the time it wasn’t my favorite fights. That’s just me, bro. I like to break conspiracy theories, or not conspiracy theories but people’s perception on how to be a fighter. You know, back in the day, they used to take shots of tequila and hop in the ring and knock a motherfucker out! Me, bro, I just don’t listen to nobody. I got to learn for myself bro!”

“And then I’ll practice it while I am training, like I’ll take a fucking drink and then I’ll fight and I’m like, ‘yo nothing happened. Who is fucking lying to me now?’ They say you can’t have sex before a fight. Bro, I fucked the day before my fight with [Francisco] Fonseca and then knocked him out cold! Who is creating these fucking lies dog?!”


For those concerned for Garcia, these latest statements surely will not ease any of those ill feelings! It is rather alarming that King Ryan believes that it is a lie that elite athletes should refrain from using alcohol when preparing for the most meaningful, physically demanding contests of their lives. Perhaps if he popped into a local AA meeting, he could be regaled with the many adverse effects of drinking – mentally, socially and physically.

Going a step further, supporters of Ryan Garcia were already worried that his mind was not focused on the fight. This is because, over the past few weeks, King Ryan has claimed to have the answer to just about all controversial topics outside of the location of Jimmy Hoffa’s body in his phone. Now, his fans and folks who want to see the Haney fight have got to worry about how he is treating his body as well.

Given how he has been going about things lately, there is no indication that Ryan Garcia is about to slow down or calm down anytime soon. So, stick close to 3Kings Boxing to see what the social media pied piper will do or say next! And keep your fingers crossed that this match actually sees the light of day!

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