Ryan Garcia Responds To His Father: “I Don’t Drink Anymore”

Ryan Garcia fires back at Henry Garcia

Ryan Garcia hits back at Henry Garcia.
Ryan Garcia not happy with father Henry Garcia's statement. (Credit: Getty Images)

Ryan Garcia Denies Henry Garcia’s Claim They Haven’t Spoken

Popular fighter “King Ry” Ryan Garcia (24-1, 20KO) has been spiraling out of control to the point his father, Henry Garcia, has pleaded for his son to seek help. A frustrated King Ry took to social media with a message claiming that his father doesn’t know what he’s saying.

Garcia has been on a rollercoaster ride that continues to go round and round. Since being suspended for one year due to a failed test of a banned substance, King Ry’s behavior has gotten even more outrageous.


Garcia’s downward spiral has led to a recent arrest and his drinking seems to be out of control. During an interview with Fight Hub TV, the elder Garcia admitted his son needs therapy.

“I haven’t spoken to Ryan in a long time, but he speaks to his mother more than me. He’ll call me when he wants to. But what I’m seeing is that I would love for him to get some therapy when it comes to his drinking. I mean, I’m being real. He says he can control it. Well, I hope he can, but if he doesn’t, that’s what I’m talking about, get that therapy so that he can stop.” (2:00 – 2:40)

Henry Garcia

The younger Garcia posted a message on social media claiming he had stopped. (Tweet here)

Fans will ponder who to believe in this situation, the father or the son. The Californian is being hit from all angles in the legal department as well, with suits coming from Logan Paul, Devin Haney, and most recently Jordan Plant.

The reality is King Ry has needed help for quite some time. With all so much time on his hands fans can expect his behavior to get weirder during this one-year suspension.

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