Santa Cruz: “I’m Not Scared of Gary Russell!”

Leo Santa Cruz Claims He Has No Control Over Who He Fights

Leo Santa Cruz and Gary Russell Jr
Leo Santa Cruz (left) and Gary Russell Jr (right).

Leo Santa Cruz responds to Gary Russell Jr!

As most boxing fans know by now, WBC featherweight champion Gary Russell Jr has been in these streets doing a whole lot of talking, especially when it comes to his desire to fight former WBA champion Leo Santa Cruz.

Russell wants to fight him so bad that he approached Leo’s father Jose and delivered some not so kind words for Leo. Furthermore, within the mist of his rant, he, in the minds of many, seemed to make an indirect threat towards Jose!

During an interview with FightHype, Leo Santa Cruz gave his response, calling the champion’s actions disrespectful, but it’s something he doesn’t take personal. He feels this is a tactic from the WBC champion; an attempt to get under his skin because he believes Russell wants a big-money fight against him.

“He knows who my manager is. He knows who the promoter is. He could go talk to them and make the fight. I fight whoever they tell me to fight. I just can’t say I want to fight him. He has to call them and say I want to fight you and if they come and say you’re gonna fight Gary Russell, I will fight him. I’m not scared of Gary Russell!”

Santa Cruz went on to emphasize that he’s not scared to fight anyone! Fighting is his job and that he will step in the ring with anyone.

As far as how his father Jose felt about Russell approaching him, he stated his father didn’t know who Russell was. Jose doesn’t speak English and as a result, didn’t understand what Russell was saying. According to Leo, his dad didn’t have a clue of what was going on.

Based on his comments, some may view Santa Cruz of keeping his cool and staying professional. However, given the way Russell didn’t just call him out, but used his father as a prop for his verbal assault, you would think the former champion’s response would have been more emotional and personal.

Will the fallout from what Russell’s actions and comments move the needle and result in a fight with Santa Cruz? It’s all a wait and see at this point.

3KingsBoxing will keep a close eye on this situation.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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