Santa Cruz Seeking Davis Fight to Prove Himself

Leo Santa Cruz Doubles Down on Tank Talk

Leo Santa Cruz (left), Gervonta Davis
Leo Santa Cruz (left), Gervonta Davis

Leo Santa Cruz Doubles Down on Tank Talk

As he has been consistently doing, WBA super world super featherweight champion Leo “El Terremoto” Santa Cruz (37-1-1, 19 KO’s) continues to call for a showdown with WBA world lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis (23-0, 22 KO’s). And, let Cruz tell it, this fight should be his next call to duty. If everything goes as planned, El Terremoto would lock horns with Davis in the month of May.


Outside of Davis being a big name in the sport, some may wonder why Santa Cruz is so adamant about signing a contract to fight Davis. There are certainly other big names around and the two are not even in the same division. Regardless of his other potential options and weight obstacles, El Terremoto wants Tank to silence the critics.

Cruz has had his fill of being called a fearful fighter and he thinks that Davis would be the best next selection to prove his that his mettle is real, as he explained to Fight Hub TV.

“I know it’s a hard fight and everything but you know I want to take that fight because people have been saying that I am scared. I’m scared to fight champions, I’m scared to fight a big name and I want to prove that I am not scared. And who else, a big name like Tank Davis, he is the most dangerous fighter.

…so now I think this fight with Tank Davis, it could get made and that’s why I want to go against him. And prove to the fans that I’m not scared of nobody and I’m here to fight the best. No matter what the outcome is, I’m going go out there and give my best and try to get the victory.

[on the weight]…they’re saying 130, that’s what I asked and I said if the fight is at 135, I don’t care. I would go up to 135, but I think this is at 130 so it’s gonna be 130.”


While Cruz is increasing his calls for the Davis bout, and is confident it can happen, he is a bit worried that outside of the ring antics could spoil the show. Recently, Gervonta Davis was involved in a very public incident where he strong-armed his child’s mother on camera.

Since the incident transpired, Davis has turned himself into police and will no doubt have to deal with further legal action. Watching all of this from the sidelines has Cruz a little antsy, hoping that Tank’s temper will not be the undoing of their showdown.

“It’s bad you know because you know I have a big fight that we could get made between me and him and with him doing those things, the fight could fall off. I heard he went and turned himself in, I don’t know if he’s in jail right or nothing. Or I don’t know if the fight because of that be in jeopardy or something like that.

So you know hearing those things it sucks because you know if the fight does happen, if I beat him, then they could bring the excuse, ‘oh he wasn’t 100% there’ that he lost because of the other things going through. So I want him to come 100%. I want all those other distraction stuff to go away so that we will both be 100% and give a great fight.”

It will be interesting first to see if this bout can actually be finalized and then later to discover if Tank’s legal woes will come into play. Yet, here we will remain optimistic and hope that everything goes smoothly so that this exciting fight is made without much more muss or fuss.

By: Bakari Simpson

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