Thurman Expecting 2020 Ring Return

Keith Thurman Confident in 2020 Ring Return

Keith Thurman
Keith Thurman

Keith Thurman Confident in 2020 Ring Return

Well it appears that one of the big guns in the welterweight division should be making his return to the ring sooner than expected. Former WBA super world welterweight champion Keith “One Time’ Thurman (29-1, 22 KO’s) is recovering rapidly and is confident that he will return this year.

Following his July 20, 2019 prizefight with Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao (62-7-2, 39 KO’s), Thurman’s only professional loss, One Time was sidelined by a surgery to his hand. When the friendly Floridian first went in to have the surgery, to mend a persistent injury, it was speculated that he would have a long and extensive recovery time.

However, at the moment, it seems that his hand is mending faster than anyone thought it would. If this continues to be the case then Thurman would like to return to the squared-circle by late, if not mid-year 2020.

“[on his hand] It’s actually looking very good. I think the recovery is better than it was expected…the bone has been fully fused, I have one more check up with my doctor but I think it even impressed him how quickly I recovered. Some of that I wondered might be due to the use of the hyperbaric chamber that I utilize.

…I really didn’t even personally admit how much the arthritic joints bothered me because when you live with pain you accept the pain, you just accept it. And now that it’s gone I have to accept the fact that I was constantly in pain because now I don’t feel pain. So it’s a beautiful sensation for me.”


Actually, more so than his hand, the one item that Thurman feels is slowing down his return the most is his weight. In the aftermath of his dust-up with Josesito Lopez, One Time was ridiculed for the amount of weight that he picked up.

Fully aware of this loose end Thurman will place specific attention on managing his weight better. The former champion realizes that maintaining a solid weight in between fights will be imperative if he wants to remain among the cream of the crop.

“…yeah, with how I feel I will be talking to the doctor and in a few weeks will be my last final checkup. But how I feel, if would have known that I recovered this well this soon, the only thing that is making me go later out in 2020 is my weight management. In retrospect, I am disappointed in the way that I prepared for the Pacquiao fight.

…after the fight in Brooklyn [with Josesito Lopez] I gained 35lbs, in preparation for Manny Pacquiao, for Manny Pacquiao I lost 35lbs in eleven weeks. And all in retrospect, I just don’t think that that was a proper approach for me to be the best that I could be because so much of training it was strength conditioning weight loss, not this fight drill, this ring work and you know I need to get myself back into doing what I do best. Which is fighting, moving, flowing ultimately trading. But I did have a tremendous camp.”


As one could only assume, provided that his recovery continues on its favorable path, Thurman will look to jump right back in the deep end of the talent pool upon his return.

“I’m truly looking forward to stepping back in the ring here in 2020, not sure who they’re going to get on the rooster. But you know me, I want the big fights, always wanted the big fights. I live for the big fights, I live for the big action, I love the big arenas, I love just giving the fans what they want and just trying to make the best out of my career in this beautiful sport.”

While it’s still up in the air at the moment, it certainly will be newsworthy to see against who, and when, One Time steps in the ring next.

By: Bakari Simpson

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