Claressa Shields to Laila Ali: “You Can Shut Up Or Fight!”

Claressa Shields fires back at Laila Ali!

Laila Ali (left), Claressa Shields
Laila Ali (left), Claressa Shields

Claressa Shields fires back at Laila Ali!

The self-proclaimed GWOAT (Greatest Woman Of All Time) in women’s boxing Claressa “T-Rex” Shields has sent a chilling threat to long-retired former IBF and WBC Super Middleweight champion Laila “Madame Butterfly” Ali.

The two have been entrenched in a war of words for months now, with Shields pushing harder and harder to get her older adversary to agree to come out of retirement for a women’s mega-fight. So far, she has been unsuccessful.

In the latest of their virtual war of words, the three-division world champion and current undisputed women’s middleweight champion Shields has sent a clear message to Ali.

Claressa Shields threatens Laila Ali
Claressa Shields threatens Laila Ali

This comes after Ali yet again stated that she’s interested in locking horns with the fiery champion in an interview on the AK & BARAK SHOW.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that I’m definitely interested to fight her and the deal just has to be right. There has been a lot of he says, she says and at the end of the day there has not been any real serious conversation about anything happening.

Then of course, with all this going on, that’s not what my focus is right now. We have a global crisis going on so what I don’t want to do is be talking about that keeping chattering noise going when it’s not happening anytime soon.”

Even if it does happen, because there are more serious things to talk about, so that situation is what it is right now. I’m in control of that situation, trust and believe. So when we want to promote, we start talking about it. I say something, she says a million things. She does all the work, which is great cause I don’t have time to do it.” ~ Laila Ali, retired former IBF & WBC Super Middleweight champion

Okay, now this is where you grab the popcorn and chill because this next statement was a serious mic-drop.

“I have the situation under control right now, you know what I mean? We put a muzzle on her for a minute and we’ll see what happens.”

If you have been paying attention to this situation, you have to know that T-Rex wasn’t going to let that last statement go unanswered.

Claressa Shields responds to Laila Ali's disrespectful comments
Claressa Shields responds to Laila Ali’s disrespectful comments

Ali, who hasn’t fought since 2007, is 42 years old. Therefore, she will need to make this bout happen ASAP if it’s to ever happen. If it does happen, it’s going to be quite the entertaining buildup leading into what most would hope to be a classic showdown between two generational star fighters. will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.

By: Jerrell Fletcher

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