Claressa Shields & Gervonta Davis: “Jake Paul Can’t Beat Real Fighters!”

Fighters clap back at fans' Jake Paul inquiries

(left to right) Claressa Shields, Jake Paul, Gervonta Davis
(left to right) Claressa Shields, Jake Paul, Gervonta Davis

Fighters clap back at fans’ Jake Paul inquiries

Internet YouTuber Jake Paul (2-0, 2ko) returned to the boxing ring against former National Basketball Association player Nate Robinson (0-1) and delivered a social media meme style second-round knockout. Now, as expected, social media platforms went crazy and the memes were out of control. However, the biggest problem was fans started making claims that Paul can compete with actual fighters.

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Have you stopped laughing yet?

Okay, after dying all over the floor when this was appearing on social media, fans were asking champions if they could beat the YouTube sensation. Furthermore, when the realization hit, the laughter stopped; these were serious inquiries from fans. After feeling disrespected by these ridiculous statements on social media from fans, fighters quickly started shutting them down before it could spread like the coronavirus.

The self-proclaimed GWOAT (Greatest Woman Of All-Time) Claressa “T-Rex” Shields (10-0, 2ko) was asked the insane question. In true fashion, the Flint champion responded with a mic dropping statement.

Claressa Shields declares she would beat fake fighter Jake Paul
Claressa Shields declares she would beat fake fighter Jake Paul

Two-divisional champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis (24-0, 23ko) had to respond to claims that the much-bigger Paul should have called him out. The Baltimore champion wasted little time in ending that conversation before it got out of hand.

Gervonta Davis says he would KO Jake Paul
Gervonta Davis says he would KO Jake Paul


This had a snowball effect, as fighters started making it clear in no shape, form, or fashion of any kind should fans feel that rock’em sock’em fights are a representation of boxing. Undefeated lightweight Ryan “The Flash” Garcia posted to fans “I tried to tell you that you can’t play boxing.”

Seven-divisional champion Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano had words as well.

“They need to STOP this stupid celebrity boxing thing. Boxing is a serious game, nothing to be doing for YouTube likes. Most amateurs turning pro fight 4 rds, these guys debuting in 6 rds. Someone’s going to get really hurt one day. Not cool at All.”

However, former fighter Ishe “Sugar Shay” Smith had the most profound statement, hitting the nail on the head.

“Fuck Jake Paul, he proved nothing knocking Nate out, boxing is the only sport that would have this clown making more than 90 percent of fighters. Put his ass in with a real fighter.”

The outrage from the fighters is understandable. They spend a majority of their whole lives working on their craft. Boxing is not a game! Moreover, fans need to understand you cannot just throw on a pair of gloves and jump in the ring with a well-trained fighter. The years of sacrifice, commitment, and dedication that fighters give to the sport is not something you can conjure up overnight using non-fighters.

By: Garrisson Bland

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