Tony Yoka to Joe Joyce: “Let’s Make the Olympic Rematch Now!”

Tony Yoka Wants To defeat Joe Joyce Again!

Tony Yoka and Joe Joyce remember their 2016 Olympic finals.
Tony Yoka (top-left) and Joe Joyce (bottom-left) remember the 2016 Olympic finals.

Tony Yoka calls out Joe Joyce!

Undefeated heavyweight prospect Tony “La Conquete” Yoka (9-0, 7ko) passed the biggest test of his career, defeating tough veteran Christian Hammer (25-7, 15ko) on November 27. The French boxer was heavily tested in route to a ten round unanimous decision victory.

Now, what makes this story very interesting is not too far across the English Channel, top ranked heavyweight Joe “Juggernaut” Joyce (12-0, 11ko) put on an excellent boxing display by defeating rival fighter Daniel “Dynamite” Dubois (15-1, 14ko) on November 28.


With both men viewed as the future of the division, the set-up for them to fight has some history. It was Yoka who defeated Joyce to claim Gold in the 2016 Olympics.

Furthermore, he’s defeated Joyce twice out of three amateur meetings. The British fighter felt that both losses were very close with controversial decisions. Juggernaut has never forgotten this and has expressed in the past of wanting that rematch.

Yoka seems to want that fight also. Immediately following his amateur rival’s victory against Dubois, he took to social media.

Tony Yoka calls out Joe Joyce via Twitter.
Tony Yoka calls out Joe Joyce.


If these two were to fight now, it will mark the first time there has been an Olympic finals rematch.

The truth is, Juggernaut is in no hurry to entertain that fight at the moment. He has bigger fish to fry and the victory over Dubois will catapult him in the hunt for a world championship opportunity. Moreover from a financial perspective, the fight isn’t there just yet.

If Yoka keeps winning, it will move him closer towards a world championship. By this time, both teams will absolutely revisit making this fight. When that time arrives, let’s hope both fighters have maintained that same energy they have now.

By: Garrisson Bland

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