Shields: “Hanna Gabriels The One Popped Dirty! Weird Ass Bitch!”

Claressa Shields Clowns Hanna Gabriels' Latest Taunts

Claressa Shields berates Hanna Gabriels
Claressa Shields berates Hanna Gabriels | credit: Carlos Osorio/AP

Claressa Shields Says Hanna Gabriels Is Talking Nonsense!

When undisputed middleweight champion Claressa “T-Rex” Shields (14-0, 2 KO’s) and WBC two-divisional champion Hanna “La Amazona Black” Gabriels (21-2-1, 12 KO’s) first fought, they made history. This was due to the two athletes becoming the first females to headline a Showtime Boxing telecast. In the end of that rather entertaining scrap, Shields walked away with a unanimous decision win.

When the two were recently gearing up to run the fight back, the event was called off when Gabriels was flagged for PED’s. As they share a mutual acidic disdain for one another, T-Rex was quick to write off the Costa Rican. Now, it appears that La Amazona Black is angling to try to face Shields once again.


To underscore Shields’ comment, it is rather strange that Gabriels is coming across as if Shields dodged the fight. While T-Rex refrained from calling Gabriels a full-fledged cheater, she was extremely skeptical of La Amazona Black’s explanation. When flagged for Clostebol, the current light heavyweight champion said it was due to using a medical cream on her dog who just had a c-section.

When the incident hit the fan though, T-Rex vowed that she would never face Gabriels, the only opponent to floor her, in the ring again. Whether she faces Shields or someone else, it would be a prudent idea for Gabriels to get active again as soon as possible. At the present moment, it’s been over two solid calendar years since the heavyweight champion has staged a prizefight.

It will definitely be interesting to see who both of these fierce athletes sign contracts with next. And, in the crazy world of boxing, despite her claims, it would not be a radical surprise if the business of boxing brought these two together in the ring one more time. In any event, stay tuned to 3Kings Boxing for all the pertinent updates and ramifications!

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