Spence: “Jaron Ennis Is Supposed To Call Me Out! I Respect That.”

Errol Spence Respects the Drive in Jaron Ennis

Errol Spence speaks on Jaron Ennis
Errol Spence speaks on Jaron Ennis

Errol Spence Commends Jaron Ennis on his Hunger to Compete

In all aspects of life, you will find instances of an inevitable changing of the guard whether this is housed under the umbrella of politics, fashion, slang or virtually anything else you can think of. Boxing is no different. This is precisely why the hungry up-and-coming young lions frequently call out the established top dogs and champions. As Simba and Mufasa taught, this is simply the circle of life.

Following this same formula of behavior, highly regarded welterweight contender Jaron “Boots” Ennis (28-0, 26 KO’s) has routinely called for the best in the division. To date, Ennis, ranked #2 (WBO), #3 (IBF), #3 (WBA) and #4 (WBC), has been unsuccessful in securing those top dustups. Trust and believe though, this has not slowed down the call outs one iota. One name at the top of Boots’ “to fight” list is IBF and WBC welterweight champion Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr (27-0, 21 KO’s). Some feel this is premature while others think the intriguing match could be right on time.


Unsurprisingly, The Truth is well aware of who Ennis is and his numerous challenges to rumble in the ring. Rather than ignore or become angered by the call outs, Spence views Ennis as being true to his due diligence. The Truth explained as much during a recent interview on The Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer.

“I’m not one of those older guys that get mad when a younger guy calls them out. That’s what they are supposed to do! […] If a Jaron Ennis or Vergil Ortiz, I seen he just recently called me out, [if these] young dudes didn’t call me out I would think something is wrong with them! Because when I was young, when I was coming up I was calling out everybody! ‘Who want smoke? […] We got to fight!’ I respect that.”

Straight from the horse’s mouth, Spence stated that he suffers from no great burning desire to duel with Ennis anytime soon. Yet, at the same time, the Truth admits that Boots is on his radar and has his respect. Let’s hope that all these favorable elements can be combined into one marvelous fight in the fairly near future.

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