Shakur Stevenson vs Joet Gonzalez: Grudge Match

Shakur Stevenson vs Joet Gonzalez LIVE on ESPN+ @ 10:00 PM ET

Joet Gonzalez (L) and Shakur Stevenson posing
Joet Gonzalez (L) and Shakur Stevenson

Shakur Stevenson vs Joet Gonzalez: A Fight For Family!

WHEN: Saturday, October 26



TIME: 10:00 PM ET

As boxing fans, generally speaking, the most that we can ask is for the best to fight the best. Sometimes however, we receive something a bit better than merely an evenly matched showdown between well trained rivals. As will be the case when rising featherweight contenders “Fearless” Shakur Stevenson (12-0, 7 KO’s) and Joet Gonzalez (23-0, 14 KO’s) lock horns on Saturday October 26.

The Stevenson v Gonzalez main event bout will broadcast live from the Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Reno, Nevada on ESPN+. Both of the talented fighters are amateur standouts with abnormally high expectations as professionals. Neither has tasted defeat in the pro ranks and they mutual share a healthy disdain for the other. On more than one occasion, the two fighters have expressed their earnest desire to sock the other in the face.


Truthfully speaking, two boxers not caring for the other is no big deal in boxing. That’s about as common as folks losing money on a Vegas slot machine. What does set this apart, and imbue the situation with a large measure of soap opera worthy drama, is the source of their contempt for one another. Outside of the ring, Stevenson is dating Gonzalez’s sister, Jajaira Gonzalez!

On numerous occasions however, Stevenson has denied that his dislike of Gonzalez has anything to do with his relationship with Jajaira. The claim is hard to believe though. It’s even harder to believe when Fearless refuses to offer any other tangible reason for why he is so hell bent on putting paws on Gonzalez. In direct contrast to Stevenson, Gonzalez has had zero problem saying that he doesn’t care for his next foe because he’s dating his sister.

Gonzalez feels that Stevenson is bad news and went so far as to tell his sibling that. Obviously, she was not swayed enough by his opinion to discontinue the relationship! The whole situation is material for a made for television movie.


Putting the external ring melodrama to the side for a moment, the bout is still a very good one. Each command an impressive skillset, have high in-ring IQ’s and are in a positive upswing in their individual careers. To add even more weight to this already spicy contest, is the fact that the bout will be for the vacant WBO world featherweight title. Talk about a lot being on the line!

Come fight night, Stevenson and Gonzalez will be fighting to defend their “O”, a championship belt and the honor of their girlfriend/sister. That’s a lot! Whose corner will Jajaira Gonzalez be in anyway? Certainly, this one is jam-packed full of story lines and drama.

Can’t wait for this main event!

By: Bakari Simpson

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