Stevenson On Tank vs Haney Video: “I Never Took Punishment Like That!”

Stevenson Steals a Laugh Off of Tank Sparring Haney

Shakur Stevenson laughs at leaked footage of Tank sparring Devin Haney
Shakur Stevenson (credit: Elsa/Getty Images) comments on Devin Haney sparring Tank

Shakur Stevenson Chimes in On Tank vs Haney Sparring Video

In the latest operation of tactical warfare, 140-pound contender “King Ry” Ryan Garcia (24-1, 20 KO’s) has released some much talked about footage. In the video, WBA 135-pound champion Abdul “Tank” Wahid (29-0, 27 KO’s) is sparring WBC 140-junior welterweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (301-0, 15 KO’s). As expected, the edited sequence of events has the boxing world buzzing. Unable to stay away, WBC lightweight champion “Fearless” Shakur Stevenson (21-0, 10 KO’s) threw his two cents in on the matter.


Naturally, Fearless fans will delight in the post that King Ry put on his account. At the same time, there will be a healthy contingent of boxing enthusiasts who think Stevenson should just remain quiet. This is due to Fearless turning down and a meaningful duel with The Dream. This distancing also stems from his mind-numbingly boring showdown versus Edwin De Los Santos.

Since that unpleasant and lifeless outing, Fearless’ marketability with the fans took a major hit. Even as we speak, the talented New Jersey native does not have an opponent or fight date. By the same token, Tank does not have an opponent on the books either. There is no question that Tank versus Stevenson would make for a great match up. The question is: will we get it?


For whatever reason, neither Tank nor Fearless expend much breath calling for a showdown with each other. Perhaps this may change though. Considering their status in the sport and division, it’s all but guaranteed the duel would be a success.

There could be a glimmer of hope that something will shift in this dynamic but it’s probably not a good idea to hold one’s breath waiting. Tank has long since been a serial ‘tweet then delete’ user. Therefore, not only is it not a good bet that he’ll fight Stevenson next, you couldn’t safely assume that the tweet will still be visible by the time the sun goes down in your personal time zone. We can still keep our fingers crossed though. Until further notice however, let’s just stay focused on the Haney versus Garcia fight!

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