Teofimo Lopez To Devin Haney: “I Am Going To Fuck You Up”

Teofimo Lopez warns Devin Haney and Eddie Hearn: "Better not bitch out."

Teofimo Lopez (left), Devin Haney
Teofimo Lopez (left), Devin Haney

Teofimo Lopez warns Devin Haney and Eddie Hearn: “Better not bitch out.”

Unified lightweight champion Teofimo “The Takeover” Lopez (16-0, 12ko) took aim at his divisional rival WBC champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (25-0, 15ko) with social media clap-back. The animosity between The Takeover and the WBC champion has reached the boiling point, and social media is the designated location where both rival champions continued their war of words.


During an interview with Sky Sports Boxing, Lopez expressed a desire to fight his arch-rival next, provided he is unable to fulfill the IBF mandatory obligation. That has to be settled first before looking to fight the WBC champion.

The unified champion would double down on those sentiments in a recent interview on The Ak & Barak show, claiming that he and his father (Lopez Sr.) have finally had enough of Haney’s antics and talking.

“I think it has gotten to the point where I am just fed-up. Me and my pops, we fed-up and I just said man let’s press this dude. I don’t care what it is going to take. I am going to respect the fact Kambosos is my mandatory, we going to work on that part because I got to get that part first.”

Now, this last statement is what undoubtedly set the WBC champion’s Twitter fingers into overdrive.

“If things go south like I said man, Devin, be ready, my man, cause I’m going to fuck you up, straight up!”

Okay, of course, by now we all know what happened next.

Haney is a social media hawk; absolutely nothing gets away from him, especially when it comes to the unified champion. Just like clockwork, he dropped a quick response.

Devin Haney responds to Teofimo Lopez
Devin Haney responds to Teofimo Lopez

Furthermore, he would follow-up with another tweet, ending it with the “be quiet” emoji.

“We will see who still around when the smoke clears.”

Lopez was not going to let his nemesis get the last word and clapped back hard, attacking the legitimacy of his rival’s championship qualification.

Teofimo Lopez claps back at Devin Haney
Teofimo Lopez claps back at Devin Haney

By: Garrisson Bland

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