Teraji Targets Gonzalez: “We Are One Step Closer To A Unification Fight”

Kenshiro Teraji is Big-Game Hunting at Junior Flyweight!

Kenshiro Teraji targets a unification with Jonathan Gonzalez
Kenshiro Teraji (L, Credit: Naoki Fukuda), Jonathan Gonzalez (Credit: Damon Gonzalez)

Kenshiro Teraji Angling for a Unification with Jonathan Gonzalez!

Kenshiro Teraji (20-1, 12 KOs) is fresh off a career-best win as he stopped Hiroto Kyoguchi (16-0, 11 KOs) in seven rounds to unify the WBC and WBA Super junior flyweight belts on November 1 in Saitama, Japan. Next, the unified champion hopes to collect the belt of WBO 108-pound champ Jonathan Gonzalez (27-3-1, 14).


Teraji v Kyoguchi was expected to be a close and highly competitive match between two world champions. However, Teraji pretty much had it his way from the opening bell. The question now becomes: how will Teraji follow up on what was close to a master performance? According to the unified champion, he wants to engage in another unification bout against WBO champ Gonzalez, who scored a unanimous decision win over Shokichi Iwata (9-1, 6 KOs) on the undercard of Teraji-Kyoguchi. Following his victory over Kyoguchi, Teraji spoke about his desire to face the WBO champ.

(translated from Japanese) “Before the fight, I had a conversation with Gonzalez that if we could clear the fight, it would be nice to get in the ring together. I think we are one step closer to making it happen. So, everybody, look forward to our fight.”


In hindsight, it was no coincidence that Gonzalez was on the same card as Teraji. For the match to occur, both men will likely have to go through some mandatory obligations first. But it definitely seems the road is being paved for the two champions to fight each other at some point in 2023.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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