Bradley Names Stevenson Alongside Garcia & Lopez: “Attention Whores”

Bradley Launches a Tirade Against Attention-seeking Fighters!

Timothy Bradley believes Ryan Garcia, Teofimo Lopez and Shakur Stevenson require too much attention
Timothy Bradley calls out Ryan Garcia, Teofimo Lopez, and Shakur Stevenson for seeking attention (credit: Al Bello/Getty Images, Twitter @trboxing)

Bradley Accuses Garcia, Lopez, & Stevenson of Seeking Attention

Hall of Fame Inductee Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley claims champions Shakur “Fearless” Stevenson, “The Takeover” Teofimo Lopez, and popular fighter “King Ry” Ryan Garcia are looking for attention.

Today’s fighters are all over social media venting their frustration or paying attention to what’s said about them. They have been seen going back and forth with each other, or fans, when criticized. It has resulted in several fighters getting labeled as overly sensitive.


While speaking with Sean Zittel, Bradley vented his frustration with this generation of fighters.

“This new generation bro, from the Ryan Garcia’s to the [Teofimo] Lopez’s of the world, to the Stevenson’s of the world, they all attention whores. All of them want attention.”

Bradley makes a compelling argument as the fighters he mentioned are well-known for their outbursts on social media. King Ry (24-1, 20KO) has always used social media to increase his popularity. However, his racial rant has become a serious topic which has resulted in his promotional company and family speaking out against him.

The Takeover (21-1, 13KO) is no stranger to making outlandish statements. Once upset with Top Rank, the WBO junior welterweight champion claimed he was leaving and the company could keep promoting black fighters. He has come under criticism for going twelve rounds with a subpar opponent in Steve Claggett.

Fearless (22-0, 10KO) has encountered heavy criticism after scoring a lackluster victory over Artem Harutyunyan on July 6. The WBC lightweight champion spent several hours in a war of words with fans and fighters on Twitter. Now a free agent, it seems that he will sign with Hall of Fame Inductee Floyd Mayweather.

Like him or not, Bradley has a good point that can be backed up by the fighters’ behavior.

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