Katsuma Akitsugi Stops Eduardo Ramirez In The Ninth Round

Katsuma Akitsugi vs Eduardo Ramirez Fight Recap

Katsuma Akitsugi beats up Eduardo Ramirez en route to a late stoppage
Katsuma Akitsugi beats up Eduardo Ramirez en route to a late stoppage

Katsuma Akitsugi Dominates Eduardo Ramirez

Bantamweight prospect Katsuma “El Cuete Japonecito” Akitsugi (11-0, 2KO) overwhelmed Eduardo Ramirez (22-4-3, 16KO) en route to a late stoppage.

El Cuete Japonecito, despite a lack of knockout power, put on a beautiful display of aggressive boxing. The undefeated fighter couldn’t miss with the straight lefthand as Ramirez never took his head off the centerline.

Ramirez did land a few hard righthands. However, Akisugi ate them like M&M candy and kept coming forward with combination punches. In addition, he was attacking like a Tasmanian devil by throwing and landing punches from different angles.

As the fight continued, it was like watching a video stuck in a repeated loop. The Japanese fighter landed unanswered shots, then stepped to the side only to land even more shots to both, the body and the head. His high work-rate, accuracy, and aggression were on full display as Ramirez’s face started to show the damage.

In round nine, Akitsugi turned up the volume and went into beast mode with an all-out assault on Ramirez. It forced the corner to stop the fight, preventing Ramirez from taking any more punishment.

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