Tyson Fury Clears The Air On Shannon Briggs and Antonio Tarver

Fury says he’s sending a contract to Briggs and Tarver

Former lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is close to announcing his comeback opponent and date for his return. Rumors have circulated that the opponent could be former champion Shannon Briggs but Fury dispelled those earlier today.

He said: “Hi guys, this is just to clarify something. I tweeted Shannon Briggs before about a fight, came in a contract.”

“He will not be my comeback fight but I am going to sign him up anyway for whenever I am ready. I am going to sign Antonio Tarver up too. Tarver if you are watching and Briggs, I am going to send you some contracts but don’t expect to be my comeback fights. So train, prepare and get ready.”

Tarver and Briggs are hardly the elite opponents boxing fans will want to see Fury fight, but the former unified world champion seems to have decided to ease himself back into competition.

Fury hasn’t been in the ring competitively since November 2015 when he beat longtime champion Wladimir Klitschko by unanimous decision. He has been out with ongoing mental health and drug related issues and just recently got to reapply for his license with the British Boxing Board of Control. All he lacks now from being completely reinstated is a recent medical clearance from a physician they asked for.

By: Chris Henderson 

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