Valle Stokes Estrada Rivalry: “You’ve Got To Come Through Me”

Valle and Estrada Move Closer to an Undisputed Showdown

Yokasta Valle stokes Seniesa Estrada rivalry
Yokasta Valle stokes Seniesa Estrada rivalry | credit: Cindy Regidor, Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Yokasta Valle vs Seniesa Estrada Rivalry Reaches a Boiling Point

One of the best fighters in women’s boxing is the reigning unified 105-pound champion, Yokasta Valle (28-2, 9 KOs). The opponent she wants to see in the ring more than any other is the other unified champion in the division, Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada (25-0, 9 KOs). Valle is upping her efforts to make that potential fight a reality.


Valle was ringside for Estrada’s unanimous decision win over former IBF flyweight champion Leonela Yudica on July 28 in Las Vegas. During the post-fight interview, Valle joined Estrada in the ring and said the following to who has become her arch-rival:

(Translated from Spanish) “Well, I’m not afraid of you. Look, what you want I’ve got, and what you’ve got, I want. In order to be the best pound for pound, and to call yourself the best of this weight class, you’ve got to come through me.”

Valle has been a unified champion at 105 and 108. The 30-year-old resident of San Jose, Costa Rica previously has made her intentions known that she’s on a quest to become the undisputed champion at minimumweight.

She and Estrada have engaged in their fair share of trash-talking over the past year. At this point, they’ve asserted themselves as the top two fighters in the division. The next step is for them to face one another. But some hurdles must be crossed for it to happen.


Valle fights for Golden Boy, who used to be the promoter of record for Estrada. But Super Bad parted ways with Golden Boy and signed a deal with Top Rank in July 2022.

The fact that Valle was in attendance for Estrada – Yudica is a sign that Golden Boy may have given the unified champion the okay to negotiate a fight with Estrada. Valle gave this proposal for the potential fight while attempting to put Super Bad in her place.

“Look, I am a champion, a real champion. I have been on the road. I’ve been to Spain, I’ve been in America. I’ve been everywhere to work my belts in three different weight classes and guess what, your could actually come down to Costa Rica because I fill stadiums, not theaters. So, let’s get this on.”

The hope from insiders is that an Estrada – Valle showdown could occur at some point in 2024. If that’s the case, it’s great news for boxing enthusiasts who want to see them battle in what would be one of the best matchups in the sport.

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