WBA Suspends Judge Carlos Sucre: “His Decision Was Misguided”

Is The WBA Overreacting?

Juan Francisco Estrada with head trainer(left), Scorecard for Carlos Sucre
Juan Francisco Estrada (left), Scorecard for Carlos Sucre

Is This a Case of Faux Outrage From the WBA?

On March 13, Juan Francisco Estrada (42-3, 28 KOs) put his WBC World Super Flyweight title on the line against WBA ‘Super’ World 115-pound champ Roman Gonzalez (50-3, 41 KOs). This was a rematch as they originally faced off back in November 2012.

It more than lived up to expectations. The two men left it all in the ring. After twelve action-packed rounds, Estrada was ruled the victor by a split decision to become the unified WBA/WBC World champion. The scores were 115-113 for Gonzalez, 117-111, and 115-113 for Estrada. The judges of the fight were Jesse Reyes, Carlos Sucre, and David Sutherland.

Scorecards for Estrada-Gonzalez
Scorecards for Estrada-Gonzalez

This was a fight that could have gone either way. However, since the announcement of the decision, fans have been in a heated debate. The discussion revolves around who won this fight. Many fans felt Gonzalez did enough to earn the victory. But whoever you thought won, what has all fighters puzzled is the score from judge Carlos Sucre. He was the one who handed down the 117-113 score for Estrada. Even if you are his most ardent Estrada supporter, he did not win the fight by that wide of a margin.


As a result of his scorecard, the WBA has decided to take some action. On March 14, their president, Gilberto Mendoza, petitioned the officials’ committee to temporarily suspend Sucre. It was done to evaluate his scorecard. Sucre will be allowed to explain his scorecard. Through an official release by the WBA, Mendoza explained their actions.

“I asked the Officials Committee to evaluate the fight. Although, I think it is not necessary. It was a great fight, very close. We have to respect “Gallo” Estrada, who made a great effort.

In this case, the judges favored him. However, I sent a temporary suspension while Sucre is heard, because big shows and fights like this one do not deserve the kind of score he gave. His decision was misguided.”


Yes, the decision of Estrada-Gonzalez II was controversial to some. But is this move by the WBA the right thing to do? Is this being done on genuine principle?

Even if they permanently suspend or ban Sucre from judging any of their sanctioned bouts, what does that prove? It is not like they will strip Estrada of the WBA 115-pound belt. So, is this grandstanding on their part an attempt to appease folks who felt Gonzalez won? 3KingsBoxing will keep you updated on this developing story.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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