WBA Temporarily Suspends Bigoted Judge Gloria Martinez-Rizzo!

Gloria Martinez-Rizzo can’t run from the inferno ignited by her racist tweets

WBA 2019 Female Judge of the Year Gloria Martinez-Rizzo, thumbs down icon
Gloria Martinez-Rizzo, thumbs down icon

Gloria Martinez-Rizzo can’t run from the inferno ignited by her racist tweets

If the only thing that WBA 2019 Judge of the Year Gloria Martinez-Rizzo did was turn in an atrocious scorecard, perhaps nothing would have happened. On August 7, Mykal “The Professor” Fox (22-3, 5 KO’s) thoroughly and comprehensively out-boxed Venezuelan Gabriel Maestre (4-0, 3 KO’s) over twelve rounds.

The Professor even floored Maestre in the second period. Despite all this, Martinez-Rizzo submitted a brain-melting card of 10-2 in Maestre’s favor. The abysmal ruling was bad enough to warrant a flogging. Although it should be mentioned the other two judges, John Mariano and David Singh, were also channeling their inner Mr. Magoo. Both of them ruled in Maestre’s favor, yet they were not so offensively openly biased.

When the results were read live, the crowd at hand saturated the venue in a raucous tsunami of disapproving boos. Fans at home furiously took to their social media accounts to voice their displeasure as well. Yet, it was the social media arena that led to Martinez-Rizzo’s downfall. As angered boxing fans dug for more information about the apparently corrupt judge, a web of racist tweets were unearthed. Ironically enough, the same year that she was voted WBA Judge of the Year, she was publicly calling Michelle Obama a ‘monkey face.’

Controversial social media posts linked to boxing judge Gloria Martinez-Rizzo
Controversial social media posts linked to boxing judge Gloria Martinez-Rizzo


After countless racist tweets were plastered throughout Twitter and Instagram, the staunch Trump supporter deactivated her accounts. Initially, the WBA was going to do nothing, whatsoever. Yet, after more and more incensed fans popped up bearing torches, pitchforks and twisted scowls, the sanctioning body said they’d review the situation. Quickly after that limp declaration, through WBA president Gilberto Mendoza, they announced an immediate rematch between Fox and Maestre had been ordered. Still, the masses wanted a pound of flesh.

Now, in their latest effort to smooth this political atrocity out, the WBA has suspended Martinez-Rizzo for six months. There is even the possibility that she could be banned for life, according to an ESPN report. Clearly, the organization is scrambling to do damage control. It’s obscenely difficult to believe that the feelings and postings of such a high ranking and visible judge went unknown. This was made all the more unbelievable when realizing she is also married to WBA executive Riccardo Rizzo.

So, for the moment, Martinez-Rizzo still seems to be escaping with a slap on the wrist. Seeing the completely reactionary fashion that the WBA has responded in however, if the fury of the masses doesn’t dissipate, it would not be a shock to hear that she was banned for life. Unfortunately, even if that is done, it will come off as the organization merely trying to salvage their image rather than seeking legitimate reform or actual retribution. Regardless of the next twist or turn in his sticky portrait of weaponized prejudice, 3kingsboxing will be there report the scene.

By: Bakari Simpson

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