Wilder Has Shouting Match With Team Ortiz During Media Call

Ortiz says Wilder isn’t his toughest opponent

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and his upcoming opponent’s, Luis Ortiz, manager Jay Jimenez went at each other back and forth during a media call earlier this evening.

Ortiz was asked if Wilder was the toughest fight of his career and his response was “No”. Afterwards Jimenez broke in and starting talking. The two were literally shouting at each other. Below is the exchange:

Jimenez: “Wilder keeps hyping himself and hyping himself, talking about PED’s. Luis has took seven tests in a month and a week, seven tests for VADA and NY Commission.”

Wilder: “Who has been y’all toughest fight? I would love to know that.”

JJ: “Bryant Jennings was the toughest fight Luis ever had.”

DW: “Well he can say that now because he hasn’t faced me.”

JJ: “You’re in for a helluva problem on March 3rd.”

DW: “That’s good, I’m glad. I hope y’all been training well.”

JJ: “I don’t know what you’re going to say to the public, but the guy you’ve been putting down…

DW: (cutting in) “I’m not putting anybody down, I’m stating facts. Why do y’all get so mad if it’s not true?”

JJ: “You’re saying…

DW: “Why you getting so mad if it’s not true?”

JJ: “But if he beats you what are you going to do?”

DW: “He ain’t going to beat me. I don’t say if, I don’t say hope. I say I am. I say I am. I don’t second judge myself. I’m a real one and that’s the difference about me and if y’all understand a real one what’s understood can’t be explained. I’m a different fighter, I’m a different beast in the ring.”

JJ: “You’re not letting anybody speak, every time you guys get a question you’re answers take a half hour.”

DW: “Shut up, you can’t fight for him. What you going to do when he’s laying flat on his back? You going to get in there? Because if you do, I’ll knock your ass out too. Your talk is going in one ear and out the other son, you can’t fight for him.”

The Wilder/Ortiz battle is March 3rd at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. The card will be televised by Showtime. Information on the undercard is available at the link below.

Wilder/Ortiz Undercard Announced

Wilder and is team are hoping to quiet some of the criticism he has received over his resume. This fight was originally scheduled for November 4th of last year but was cancelled due to Ortiz and his team not disclosing his blood pressure medication. To Wilder’s credit this is a fight he was obligated to take by no means whatsoever.

By: Chris Henderson


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