Wilder: “I Don’t Feel Fury Wants to Fight Me Again Anyway!”

Deontay Wilder Beleives Tyson Fury Will Back Out of the Rematch!

Deontay Wilder Knocks Tyson Fury Down
Deontay Wilder's second knockdown of Tyson Fury.

Wilder Tells 78SportsTV he thinks Fury should step-aside!

It’s no secret that WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder feels as though he knocked out Tyson Fury.

He has been anything but bashful about relaying this sentiment whenever the fight is brought up. In an exclusive interview with 78SportsTV, the Bronze Bomber once again aired out his very candid feelings on the matter.

Wilder was so adamant about this notion, that he was extremely eager to hop back in the ring for an immediate rematch to prove his dominance. Initially it appeared as if that is exactly what was going to happen.

Wilder and Fury publicly stated that they were going to run the bout right back. Even though he had no obligation to, the champ was on record as saying he would grant the Gypsy King a 50% purse split when they met again.

Given the popularity of the first dust-up, the rematch was speculated to pull in huge numbers.

That was until Fury unexpectedly threw the whole script in the fire. He accomplished this by abandoning the fight, signing an exclusive deal with Top Rank and setting up shop on ESPN.

Since that time, Fury fought and easily beat the aggressively obscure Tom Schwarz. Next in line for the former unified champion is slightly more visible German boxer Otto Wallin.

“In my opinion, I don’t feel Fury wants to fight me again anyway. I gave him a concussion bruh. You know, his family feared for his life, they will tell you now.

“I have seen the interviews. I’ve seen how concerned his wife was. How her energy released that concern.

“I seen the feeling in her eyes […] the second rematch will be the finishing. It will be the finishing of him.”


Outside of his most ardent fans, Fury’s avoidance of Wilder and selected opposition since doing so, has been viewed with bewilderment and annoyance.

Although, following the Wallin match, Fury went on record stating he is once more ready to dance with Wilder.

However, Andy Ruiz Jr would shake-up the heavyweight division with his knockout of UK superstar Anthony “AJ” Joshua. Ruiz and Joshua are slated to stage a rematch in Saudi Arabia in December.

Currently, Wilder has set his sights on the winner of that important prizefight, as the victor will hold every belt other than his WBC strap.

If Wilder can secure a match with the winner, the victor of that bout would be crowned the fully unified, undisputed heavyweight champion.

This is a mission the Bronze Bomber ardently wants to accomplish. Becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world has remained one of Wilder’s top priorities for years.

This is why the WBC champion feels that Fury should, and would, step out of the way to allow a unification to happen.

“If this opportunity comes about, I think Fury will pass up this opportunity. He would want me to fight for the unification and then come back and fight him.

“Just like he wanted me to fight Joshua. ‘How about you two guys fight and then come back with me,’ he said that before, remember?

“So by him saying that, I don’t think he would have no problem with me going to unify.”


Given his actions since their first bout, it wouldn’t take a huge leap of imagination to see Fury moving aside for a unification match to transpire.

In fact, playing devil’s advocate, by allowing Wilder to fight the champion from the Ruiz v Joshua bout, and then fighting the winner, Fury would then be fighting the unified champion himself.

If victorious, this would save Fury the trouble of fighting at least two men to acquire the same amount of hardware.

For a heavyweight division that was so recently a dormant, unexciting landscape, there certainly is a great deal of activity and excitement jumping off!

This is definitely a good time for the big men and the boxing fans at large. 3kingsboxing will certainly keep providing all the latest updates and hottest developments.

“One champion, one face, one name, that has never left my mind! It won’t ever leave my mind until it’s accomplished.

“I’ve spoken it into the universe 78, and I will receive that, it shall be mine, it shall be done. It’s just a matter of time and I am a man of patience.”

By: Bakari Simpson

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