Michael Williams Jr Back In The Win Column! More To Come?

Michael Williams Jr Gets Back to his Winning Ways

Michael Williams Jr has his hand raised in victory
Michael Williams Jr | Credit: Facebook/Michael Williams Sr.

Michael Williams Jr Picks Up Win Over Julio Buitrago

On April 23, super lightweight boxer Michael “BoyWonder 150%” Williams Jr (20-1, 12 KO’s) took the first step in righting his career. On that date, Williams took on and defeated Julio Buitrago (13-35, 3 KO’s) to get a confidence-building win under his belt. It was a needed victory after having been roughed up, repeatedly dropped and stopped in the fourth round of his duel with John Bauza. It was a humbling and informative loss, but it was not completely unforeseen.

It’s more than evident that BoyWonder has a wealth of talent. However, he will only develop to his full potential if he is tested sincerely. Bauza was clearly his stiffest test to day. Up until then, it’s not unfair to say that Williams had been faced with a series of soft touches. Which isn’t saying much, as Bauza was not that well-traveled himself. Even Williams’ last foe, Buitrago, entered their fight on a staggering sixteen-fight losing streak.


It will be interesting to see what Williams Jr does with his career next. Will he knuckle-down and start the gradual increase in opposition difficulty that is a proven method toward title contention? Or, will Team Williams continue to coast along beating a bunch of guys that they are supposed to beat? Alternatively, maybe Williams eventually exits the sport outright and adopts an entirely new profession.

Michael Williams celebrates son Williams Jr returning to the win column

As his father posted on his social media, it’s far from a secret that BoyWonder is chasing a position in law enforcement. Therefore, he could very realistically move on to the paramilitary field if he obtains the necessary credentials. So, let’s see what kind of moves Michael Williams Jr makes with the remainder of his 2022 because he just might not be around that much longer.

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By: Bakari Simpson

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