Team Benavidez: “We Need More Money To Fight Andrade Than Canelo!”

Is David Benavidez Intimidated by Demetrius Andrade?

David Benavidez points to Demetrius Andrade
David Benavidez points to Demetrius Andrade

David Benavidez Requires Career-High Payday to Face Demetrius Andrade

If there is any one thing that super middleweight fighter David “Red Flag” Benavidez (25-0, 22 KO’s) is revered for, its his old school “I’ll fight anyone” mentality. The two-time 168-pound champion has called out all the best fighters in his division and he’s put a special emphasis on Canelo Alvarez. For him, the glory of staging fantastic battles outweighs almost all other factors such as fame or financial gain. Well, we might have finally hit the wall with this notion!

This new development was put into motion when WBO middleweight champion Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade (31-0, 19 KO’s) opted to move up to 168 . Like Benavidez, Andrade is shamefully avoided by a great deal of his best competition. In general, he is labeled as more trouble than he is worth. The lamest rationale for not facing him, but is frequently used, is the excuse that Andrade is ‘boring.’ Yet, most times, even that is a lie.


In a recent interview with ThaBoxingVoice, Benavidez’s promoter, Sampson Lewkowicz, took the time to field some questions about his client. While doing so, he revealed that Red Flag would be willing to duel Andrade but only if he received well over $7 million. Some will find this odd given the fact that Benavidez has never even received a $7 million-dollar payday.

“Well, let me put it this way, I am the exclusive promoter for Benavidez. I will tell you the fight could happen. But in this case, the money needs to be right!

[…] the money needs to be much superior, much more than to fight Canelo! […] because he is not an easy fighter.”

When pressed for why this is the case, Lewkowicz supplied a half-hearted response that was weaker than wet toilet paper.

“This is what he deserves when he fights a guy that brings nothing to the table!”


After establishing himself as a tough, take-on-all-customers fighter, it will be extremely disappointing if Red Flag dodged the Andrade fight by pricing himself out. Especially after putting everything he could into facing Canelo and long-time division rival Caleb Plant.

In terms of Plant specifically, Benavidez accused him of avoiding their bout to protect his shot at Canelo. Now, it seems that Red Flag is looking to do the exact same thing to Andrade! Hopefully, this grandstanding will not maintain itself. In regards to how this plays out, 3Kings Boxing will be here to report the news!

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By: Bakari Simpson

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